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Croduino Pico is an Arduino-compatible board for Makers

This $11 open-source board is based on an ATmega328 and comes without a USB converter.

Last year, the e-radionica.com crew released the Croduino Basic, an open-source board based on the wildly popular ATmega328 MCU. Now, the team has returned with the debut of the Croduino Pico.


Currently available on Tindie for $11, the Croduino Pico is billed as “simpler than the basic version” since it lacks an on-board FTDI USB converter. It should be noted that the board measures just 5cm x 3cm in size, making it easy for tinkerers to integrate and leave in various projects.

Aside from ATmega328, the Croduino Pico targets both Makers and developers with a wide range of features, including:


22 digital I/O
  • 6 PWM outputs
8 analog inputs
  • I2C communication
Built-in 5V voltage regulator
  • Reset button and LED

Interested? You can check out the project’s official Tindie page, as well as access its documentation for more information here.