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Building a localization beacon with Arduino

A team participating in a recent hackathon hosted by Hub Singapore managed to develop an Arduino-powered indoor localization platform in just 24 (CodeXtreme) hours.

Ted, who submitted the project to the official Arduino blog, explained that the Batman-inspired platform converts existing speakers located inside shopping malls into an indoor localization beacon.

“This allows malls to track the location density without adding extensive infrastructure since it uses embedded inaudible sound signatures in music that shops play in the malls,” Ted wrote in an email sent to Arduino. “In short, instead of tracking Joker, we use Arduino (with WiFI Shield & MP3 Shield) and Android Uno (Atmel ATmega328) to track people (customer) inside a mall.”

Ted’s team is now working on fine-tuning the code with the recently launched Atmel-powered (ATmega32u4Arduino Yún. As previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, the Yún – designed in collaboration with Dog Hunter – is based on Atmel’s popular ATMega32u4 microcontroller (MCU) and also features the Atheros AR9331, an SoC running Linino, a customized version of OpenWRT. The Yún is somewhat unique in the Arduino lineup, as it boasts a lightweight Linux distribution to complement the traditional microcontroller (MCU) interface.