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Maker Movement continues to converge art and tech

Writing for the Christian Science Monitor, Kendra North reveals that traditional institutions like museums and colleges are now creating new programs and spaces to enable a greater convergence of both art and technology. This “new industrial revolution” is combining the spirit of the old shop class with modern-day technology in do-it-yourself spaces.


“The Maker Movement and digital media and coding are revitalizing the arts,” stated Christopher Amos, Director of Educational Media and Technology at Carnegie Hall. “Digital music, videos, GIFs, and memes are just some of the new ways that art is being created and shared.”


“We want people to think of themselves as creators,” explained Chris Lawrence, senior director of Hive Learning Network. “There’s an opportunity to advance that kind of thinking when art and the Maker Movement intersect.”

According to North, just some of the latest institutions to incorporate the Maker culture include:

  • New Museum in New York has created New Inc, the first museum-led incubator that’s somewhere between a corporate environment, a tech lab, and a cluttered art studio.
  • Johns Hopkins University is working toward opening an incubator for technology and the arts led by Thomas Dolby, a digital musician known for his 1980s pop song “She Blinded Me With Science.”
  • Mozilla’s Hive Learning Network, a consortium of organizations in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Toronto, provides programs for young Makers to explore technology and digital media to create something whimsical. Embodying true DIY spirit, the Hive NYC recently co-hosted a high school “Maker Prom” where students could create anything from digital music scores to LED corsages.

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