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9 cats who love riding Roombas

Are you a cat lover? Well, you’re in luck because October 29th is National Cat Day! The day began in 2005 as a simple way to raise awareness around the number of cats that are rescued annually and to encourage cat lovers to celebrate the feline friends in their lives. And, that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

So we figured what better way to pay homage to the feline rulers of our homes, laps, and of course social media, than by sharing some of the best cats… on Roombas!

From its earliest models on, Makers have creatively hacked Roomba vacuum cleaning robots to extend their functionality, using a range of Atmel microcontrollers as well as Arduino boards. While the first adaptions were based primarily on an MCU directly connected to the motor drivers and sensors, later versions (manufactured after October 2005) are now equipped with an electronic and software interface that enables Makers to easily control or modify behavior and remotely monitor its sensors.

Turns out, not only do we love the robotic cleaners… but for some reason, so do cats! Fun to hack, even more fun to ride!

I can show you the world…


Watch out for Paws!


Put ’em up, put ’em up!


Bye babe, off to work I go!


Oh you know, we’re just kitten around!


Is it me or is the room spinning?


Tank you very much!


Special delivery!


Onward, contraption, to glory!