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3D printing the great pyramid of Giza

MakerBot Academy has introduced a content pack that allows students to catch a glimpse of ancient Egypt by re-creating the great pyramid of Giza, which stood undisputed as the world’s tallest structure for 3,800 years.

According to MakerBot’s Ben Millstein, the content pack includes a two-part print of the pyramid and a lesson plan that explores the engineering, design and construction process behind the legendary structure.

“Three walls of our 3D printable model represent the pyramid’s modern appearance. But the fourth wall presents the ancient wonder as it would’ve looked in 2560 BC, gleaming with polished limestone that was later stripped to build other pyramids,” he explained.

“Students will learn how erosion and human interference created the worn, jagged look the pyramid is left with today. [They can also] open the model to reveal a detailed diagram of the multi-chambered tomb and guide students through the most complex internal structure ever discovered in a pyramid.”

As Millstein notes, MakerBot’s lesson helps bring Egyptian culture to life by showing how it influenced the mummification process, burial customs and of course, the pyramids themselves.

Interested in learning more? You can download the Great Pyramid of Giza content pack from Thingiverse here.