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BuildersBot CNC Router is also a 3D printer

A Maker named “aldricnegrier” has designed an Arduino-based BuildersBot machine, which he describes as a CNC Router that is also capable of 3D printing.

“The BuildersBot works/moves within a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, allowing the machine to position its tool (drill bit or hot end) in any location inside the three-dimensional work space,” aldricnegrier explained in a recent Instructables post.

“The X axis will move the tool from left to right, the Y axis will move the tool from back to forth and finally the Z axis will move the tool up and down inside the work area.”

Key BuildersBot components include:

  • 4 Nema 23 Motor dual shaft 425oz-in
  • 4 driver 4.2A 128MicroDriver
  • 3 power supplies (36V, 36V and 12V)
  • 1 Arduino Mega (ATmega2560)
  • 1 Ramps 1.4 Board (for CNC milling and 3D printing)
  • Smart controller LCD
  • 6 end stops
  • 5 meter LED Strip with remote control (IR)
  • Kress 1050 Spindle MFE

“The Buildersbot electronics enclosure is made from 7 laser cut acrylic parts, [with] all parts fitting together to make the enclosure. The enclosure houses the four Micro Stepping Drivers, three power supplies (36V, 36V and 12V), the Arduino Mega, a Ramps 1.4 board and two fans for cooling,” said aldricnegrier.

“The enclosure has rear holes for all exterior wire connections, [with] all stepper drivers mounted on an acrylic plate and positioned in the middle of the enclosure. The enclosure is closed using zip-ties. For extra fun there are four blue LEDs that light up the enclosure when power is on.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official page here.