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Atmel’s ATtiny85 MCU powers ButtonDuino dev board

ButtonDuino – which recently made its Indiegogo debut – is an uber-mini (0.73in x 0.718in), USB programmable development platform powered by Atmel’s popular ATtiny85 microcontroller (MCU).

The open source ButtonDuino is breadboard compatible, so it plugs, with no pin conflict, directly into any standard pitch (2.54mm) breadboard as well as vero-boards. In addition, the platform can also be easily stacked with any ButtonDuino compatible ButtonShields and is expandable via I2C or SPI.

Upcoming ButtonShields include:

  • Real time clock (RTC)  – I2C
  • EEPROM – I2C
  • Temperature sensor  – I2C
  • Pressure resistive sensor
  • Coin battery pack
  • 3-axis digital compass

“[Users can] create amazing Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) with LabVIEW by National Instruments. All you need is the same micro-USB cable that you already have to program and power ButtonDuino,” the ButtonDuino crew explained.

“The best feature? ButtonDuino’s schematics, code and bootloaders are all free and open source. All the details will be released once the product is finalized.”

Aside from Atmel’s popular ATtiny85 microcontroller (MCU), key ButtonDuino components include:

  • USB Regulated power up to 800mA via external power supply or 500mA from PC/laptop
  • Programmable via USB or AVR mkII
  • Arduino IDE 1.0+ (Windows/OSX/Linux)
  • 6 x available I/O Pins and I2C and SPI expandable
  • 8k flash memory without bootloader (6k after USB bootloader)
  • 3 x 8 bit hardware PWM pins
  • 4 x 10 bit ADC pins
  • Power LED
  • Test LED (Pin 1)
  • Soon to be available in deep red (PCB silkscreen)

Interested in learning more?

You can check out ButtonDuino’s official Indiegogo page here.