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Adafruit makes a smartphone-activated talking dog collar

Have some fun at the park with this Up-like dog collar.   

Inspired by Dug the dog from the Pixar movie Up, Adafruit’s Becky Stern and Phillip Burgess have created a talking collar of their own. Whereas the special contraption from the animated film allowed the pup to communicate with its owner, or more like gives voice to his thoughts, this smartphone-activated wearable lets you have some fun at the park by emitting pre-programmed phrases like “Squirrel!,” “I can smell you,” or “I want that ball!”


Built around the Adafruit’s Audio FX board and Bluefruit Micro (ATmega32U4), the Bluetooth-enabled collar’s sounds are triggered using the Bluefruit LE Connect mobile app. These noises are then played through a mono amp connected to a mini speaker. Meanwhile, the collar itself is made out of a leather belt, along with 3D-printed “greebles” to give it the true look and feel of Dug’s.

You’ll also notice that the device has two LED sequins — one for the faux map screen that stays on all the time, another that acts as a ‘talking’ light and is prompted with each phone command. The first is sliced from the battery pack, while the latter is attached to an analog out on the Bluefruit Micro.


The electronics are housed inside a round pouch on the front of the wearable, while its battery pack lives in the faux tracking box in the back. The unit is powered by three AAA batteries.

So, does this sound like something you’d like for your dog… or for yourself? Head over to Adafruit’s site, where you’ll find an exhaustive breakdown with the schematics, code and even 3D files for the harder-to-find bits.

[Images: Mike Farino via Adafruit]