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This littleBits device alerts roommates to stop hogging the bathroom

“Time’s Up” was designed to solve an age-old problem that has plagued roommates, siblings and spouses for years. 

Have you ever been in a rush to get up and out in the morning only to find one of your roommates hogging the bathroom for too long? Thanks to Makers Mu-Ti Huang, Douglas Tran and Yun Zhou, you may soon be able to use a little device that will serve as a friendly reminder for the occupiers.


The aptly-named Time’s Up system is comprised of a littleBits cloudBit, an Arduino module (ATmega32U4), an IR transmitter (ATtiny25), an MP3 player (ATmega168), an AC converter, a bright LED, as well as some wire and USB power adapter.


By using a cloudBit module, the user is able to wirelessly express their discontent to whoever is in the bathroom by pressing a button on their smartphone. This triggers the device to begin playing an annoying song to alert the person that he or she has been in there for way too long. When the song stops, the DIY system turns off the bathroom lights.

Does this situation sound all too familiar? Then you’ll want to check out the entire project on littleBits here.