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Breach Brief: Dairy Queen says 395 stores hit by data breach

Dairy Queen is the latest company to get hit by a security breach, confirming that nearly 400 locations (and one Orange Julius location) were compromised by Backoff malware in August.


How many victims? The credit and debit card systems of 395 Dairy Queen locations were infected with the infamous Backoff malware that has targeted retailers around the country, Dairy Queen said in a news release.

What information was breached? The affected systems contained payment card customer names, numbers and expiration dates. The company has no evidence that other customer personal information, such as Social Security numbers, PINs or email addresses, was compromised as a result of this malware infection.

When did it happen? While the time period for each store affected varies by location, some breaches began as early as August 1, 2014 and ended as late as October 6, 2014.

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