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Designing UL/IEC/EN60730-compliant appliances with Atmel

UL/IEC/EN60730 are a comprehensive set of safety standards for various household appliances, such as washing machines, stoves and refrigerators.

On a hardware level, key design considerations for UL/IEC/EN60730-compliant appliances include POR, BOD, RAM, Flash, EEPROM, WDT, ADC, clock/zero cross detector as well as immunity from noise, EMC and humidity. Software features typically comprise a 60730 code library, spread spectrum and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis).


A number of current-gen Atmel components can be used to design UL/IEC/EN60730-compliant appliances, including ATxmega MCUs, AT42QT14811, AT42QT1244/1245, AT42QT2640 and UL/IEC/EN60730 certified touch controllers.

“Simply put, megaAVR and AVR XMEGA – with application notes (AVR998 and AVR1610) – provide proven solutions to address household appliance design requirements,” an Atmel engineering rep told Bits & Pieces.

“An Atmel-powered platform offers developers access to the most efficient 8-bit microcontroller core; POR, BOD and watchdog with an independent oscillator; integrated RC oscillators, RTC, EEPROM, ADC Converter/Comparator; 25×4 and 40×4 segment LCD driver options, as well as certification of the XMEGA code library.”


In terms of electrical performance, Atmel offers a high current sink and source for GPIO, temperature range from 850C up to 1500C and EMC robustness (low emissions). On the touch side, Atmel provides pre-certified capacitive touch controllers and Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) module for improved safety.

As noted above, devs can access Atmel application notes for AVR998 and certified AVR1610, including safety related code. Last but certainly not least, manufacturers have easy access to Atmel Studio 6 and its Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

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