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Crushed avionics from a 737 nose wheel collapse

I have several pals that work on airplane avionics. Talking to one last week, he mentioned that he has a picture of what happens to the high-dollar avionics bay of a 737NG when the nose wheel folds back and collapses on landing.


Ouch. This 737NG avionics bag got pretty well crushed when the nose gear folded up on landing.

Be glad your electronics was not in this mess. I guess this is a case of just taking out the whole rack and putting in a new one. It was nice that the collapsing electronics sort of cushioned the blow, and protected the airframe from a high-g impact.

My pal Jerry Alvarado (RIP) worked as a machinist for United up in San Francisco airport. He told me that they were constantly rebuilding nose gears, as the load when the plane drops onto it is pretty severe. I asked if they pushed him to rush out a job, and he said “No way, I can take as long as I need. Hey, our mothers ride on airplanes too.”

That was certainly comforting in this day of cutting corners and slapping things together.