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Scanning books in Google-like fashion with Arduino

Make creates an automatic, Arduino-powered linear book scanner that was inspired by Google.

A few years ago, the Google Books team revealed their plans for an automatic book scanning device that moves a book face-down over a set of linear sensors that captures page images and uses vacuum pressure to isolate the individual pages and automatically turn them over. After a quick 40-second setup, the prototype was able to digitize a 1,000-page book in a little over 90 minutes, and unlike many popular scanners on the market, didn’t require anyone to man the controls once it got going.


Inspired by Google’s open-sourced design, a Maker by the name “Forssa1” decided to try his hand at devising a similar machine. For this build, however, he employed two handheld book scanners, an Arduino Mega (ATmega2560), and a powerful server fan tasked with flipping the pages. The gadget itself is comprised of laser-cut acrylic. You can see it in action below!