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Auroma One brews the perfect cup of coffee, every time

The Auroma One brings the knowledge and skills of a well-trained barista and roaster to your countertop.

Everyone takes their morning cup o’ joe differently. What may be ideal for you may be too bitter or sweet for others. Cognizant of this, one Vancouver-based startup has come up with a streamlined solution that combines science and technology to brew the perfect beverage.


The Auroma One is a countertop machine that learns and makes coffee tailored to your taste, and your taste only. To accomplish this, the device precisely controls all of the necessary parameters, including grind size, temperature, time of brew, coffee-to-water ratio and total dissolved solids.

Designed to grow with each coffee lover, the Auroma One adapts its user profiles over time. With each cup, drinkers rate different experiential factors such as bitterness, texture and strength on its accompanying app. The in-home gadget then utilizes these ratings in a closed loop to deliver a cup of coffee that caters to your standards.

Moreover, the Auroma One gives you the ability to brew the same bean three different ways in order to find the perfect cup. Once you’ve defined your preferences, the machine remembers and replicates those settings to deliver consistent coffee every day — something that you most likely don’t receive at your local coffee shop, let alone with the morning rush.


“There are two main types of coffee drinkers who benefit from Auroma: those who value consistency and others who want to explore and discover new flavor profiles,” explains company co-founder Ornicha Srimokla. “Neither has the time to learn and control the individual elements involved in making a great cup of coffee and, often times, convenience takes precedence. The Auroma One brings the knowledge and skills of a well-trained barista and roaster to your countertop.”

Even better, the Auroma One allows coffee fiends to sample small brews of different beans to discover new flavors. Based on your user profile, the unit will suggest various ways to adjust the base recipe, and then tailor the end result according to your palate.

In order to achieve its lofty goal, the Auroma One is equipped with an embedded scale, a temperature sensor and a total dissolved coffee sensor. The device has also been designed to integrate seamlessly with the team’s add-on and removable burr grinder that enable you to automate the entire process from start to finish — simply throw in whole beans and get fresh coffee at a push of a button.


Did this smart home product perk your interest? Head over to its Kickstarter campaign, where the Auroma Brewing Company is currently seeking $100,000. Delivery is slated for next fall.