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ATmega8 MCU goes guitar pickup winding

Davide Gironi has created a DIY guitar pickup winding machine powered by Atmel’s ATmega8 microcontroller (MCU), a 12V (1200rpm) DC motor and a L298N chip board.

Key features include a wind counter, slow startup, automatic stop, configurable motor speed and configurable winds. 

The unit’s winder is also equipped with an LCD display that shows current motor direction, rotating speed of the pickup and the total, current wind counter.

According to Gironi, users can configure:

  • Motor direction – clockwise, or anti-clockwise
  • Direction of the wind counter to increase – clockwise, or anti-clockwise
  • Motor max speed – from 1(min) to 100 (max)
  • Motor startup acceleration – from 1(min) to 100 (max)
  • Numbers of wind – from 1(min) to 99999 (max)
  • Auto stop mode – manual mode, or stop when all winds are done

“There are three buttons, SELECT, button UP and DOWN. To enter the programming mode, just long press SELECT button. Press SELECT once to change the programming parameter, button UP and DOWN to edit the selected value, then long press SELECT again to save new values,” Gironi explained in a recent blog post.

“If you are in building mode, to make the wind start press the RUN pedal, it will start with a slow startup, to stop the winder release the RUN pedal. The winding machine will automatically stops when the wind counter reach the configured number – and it can goes less than zero. If you disable the autostop mode, the machine will always count wind, independently by the direction chosen.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official page here.