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ArtSquared is an assistive painting device

17-year-old Matthew Pressman first began programming when he was 11. Since then, Pressman has taken on a number of projects as lead programmer or electrical engineer. According to ReadWrite, Matthew’s latest initiative is ArtSquared, a device Pressman and other students built using an Atmel-powered Arduino board.

Essentially, ArtSquared is an assistive painting device for people with cerebral palsy that allows the user to move a paintbrush across a canvas with a remote joystick.

“Pressman and the six other teenagers who built Art Squared are part of a youth development organization called MOUSE that works with students across the country to learn and create with technology,” ReadWrite’s Selena Larson wrote in a recent article about young Makers.

“Last year, MOUSE partnered with United Cerebral Palsy of New York City so that students could develop projects geared to help people with the disease. After talking with an artist who was unable to paint due to her condition, Pressman and his team decided to build Art Squared to benefit artists everywhere.”

So what’s next for Pressman and ArtSquared? Well, Matthew says his team’s next step will be to make the project plans available as an open source platform over the few months so that anyone can build the $150 ArtSquared.

“We’re just going to see if we can work on it after school on a Thursday or something,” Pressman told ReadWrite. “We really want to make it accessible to everyone.”