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SmartEverything is like the Swiss Army knife of IoT boards

The SmartEverything dev board is an Arduino form-factor prototyping platform that combines SIGFOX, BLE, NFC, GPS and a suite of sensors.

Announced earlier this year, SmartEverything is an IoT development platform from Arrow Electronics. Living up to its name, the latest iteration of the SoC, dubbed the SmartEverything Foxboasts a familiar Arduino form-factor with an array of factory-bundled I/O ports, sensors and wireless connectivity.


Impressively, the kit combines SIGFOX, Bluetooth and NFC technologies with GPS and a suite of embedded sensors. An Atmel | SMART D21 at its heart is used to integrate the featured devices, while a SIGFOX module provides IoT enablement.

The SIGFOX standard is energy efficient and wide-transmission-range technology that employs UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) based radio and offers low data-transfer speeds of 10 to 1000 bits per second. However, it is highly energy-efficient and typically consumes only 50μW compared to 5000μW for cellular communication, meaning significantly enhanced battery life for mobile or portable smart devices.


A Telit LE51-868 S wireless module gives design engineers access to the rapidly expanding SIGFOX cellular wireless network and covers the 863-870MHz unlicensed ISM band. It is preloaded with the SIGFOX network stack and the Telit proprietary Star Network protocol. What’s more, the Telit cloud management software provides easy connection up to the cloud.

Truly like the Swiss Army knife of the IoT, the SmartEverything board is equipped with: an Atmel Crypto Authentication chipset; an 868MHz antenna; a GPS module with embedded antenna for localizations applications, which supports the GPS, QZSS and GLONASS standards, and is Galileo ready; a proximity and ambient light sensor; a capacitive digital sensor for humidity and temperature measurement; a nine-axis 3D accelerometer, a 3D gyroscope and 3D magnetometer combination sensor; a MEMS-based pressure sensor; an NTAG I2C NFC module; and a Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver.


The SmartEverything measures only 68.8mm x 53.3mm in size, and includes USB connectors, a power jack and an antenna extending that extend the board. The unit can be powered in one of three ways, either through two AA 1.5V batteries (1.4V to 3.2V), a 5 to 45V external supply or a 5V mini-USB connector.

For quick and easy software development, the SmartEverything Fox board is fully supported by the Arduino IDE and Atmel Studio. Can it get any better than that? If you’re looking for an IoT board that does just about everything, you may want to check this SoC out.

Connect and control your IoT devices with the SmartEverything dev board

Arrow’s latest development board is optimized for Internet of Things connections.

Arrow Electronics has launched an Atmel | SMART based development board packed with sensor options, communication interfaces and connection to the cloud for Internet of Things (IoT) designs.


The board, which is aptly named SmartEverything, utilizes the SIGFOX global network cellular connectivity solution to enable access to the IoT.

SmartEverything is equipped with an Atmel | SMART ARM Cortex-M0+ based CPU USB host orchestrator chip to manage traffic between peripherals, while an Atmel CryptoAuthentication device (ATSHA204) enables the implementation of a full security SHA-256 hash algorithm with message authentication code.

Additional features of the dev board include STMicroelectronics proximity, humidity, temperature and acceleration sensors, a TDK Bluetooth Low Energy interface for short-range connectivity, and an NXP NFC tag with I2C serial interface for authentication. A Dynaflex 868MHz antenna and Linear Technology power management devices are also incorporated.  



Atmel-powered AT-501 heads to EMEA

Arrow Electronics and ShiraTech will be bringing the jointly developed, Atmel-powered AT-501 system-on-module to customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“Combining a system-on-module with comprehensive development tool and software support eases the design process and reduces the development costs,” said Jacko Wilbrink, senior product marketing director, Atmel Corporation.

“These advances are critical for Arrow’s customer base.”

The AT-501 is built around Atmel’s ARM-based SAMA5D3 Cortex-A5 system on chip. According to a ShiraTech rep, the platform offers an optimal balance of the most power efficient Cortex A to date with a high performance CPU running at 536 MHz and a floating point unit.

The AT-501 is designed as a ready-to-use embedded control and processing module for applications such as medical and industrial devices, with low power consumption making the platform especially suited for battery-powered appliances.

Additional key AT-510 specs and features include:

  • Controller module – Ready to use embedded control and HMI module.
  • Low power consumption – SoC power consumption less than 200mW @536Mhz with all peripherals activated; supports multiple power efficiency modes.
  • Extensive connectivity – Equipped with GE with IEEE1588, FE, multiple CAN, UART, SPI and I2C interfaces.
  • Display and touch screen – Graphic LCD TFT controller scaling to 1280×720 pixels, resistive touch screen support.
  • Software
 – Integrated Linux OS from ShiraTech or Timesys corporation.

Interested in learning more about the Atmel-powered AT-501 system-on-module? You can check out the official product page here. Readers may also want to browse a detailed breakdown of recent Atmel-powered industrial boards and platforms here.