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A low-cost robotic hand powered by Arduino

An Italian Maker by the name of Marco Pucci recently posted a link on the Arduino Facebook page to a tutorial, where he created a low-cost robotic hand that is capable of mimicking the movements of a human. The robotic hand unit was developed using an Atmel-powered Arduino Uno and a series of flex sensors.

As demonstrated in the video above, the movements are measured by sensors affixed to each of the gloved hand’s fingers, which are analyzed by the Arduino board. Directions are then sent to the threads attached to the robotic hand via servo motors, which enables the robot to fully imitate the human gestures.


The sensors were fastened to the glove with various basic piping and wiring materials. When attempting to attach the sensors, Marco notes that, “The best way to fix it is to sew or fasten with tape.”


You can read Marco’s full tutorial in Italian here, which is also available through Google Translate. Interested in other Arduino-powered projects, there’s plenty to sift through in our Bits & Pieces archive on the subject here.