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Creating an NFC-enabled jukebox with Arduino

One Maker has built his own jukebox with the help of Arduino, an NFC shield and a few tags.

Jukeboxes were among the first forms of automated coin-operated musical devices, dating all the way back to the 1920s. Following their inception, the boxes went on to become a common fixture at just about every diner, bar and laundromat, as well as play a prominent role in the sitcom Happy Days. However, with advancement in technologies, the idea of having to deposit a quarter (or two) into a chrome, colorful device became obsolete.


But what about inserting an NFC tag? If you’re wishing to relive some of your favorite jukebox memories, then you’ll appreciate a recent project from Mario Pucci who devised an ingenious way to play some tunes with the help of Arduino. To do this, the Italian Maker used an Uno (ATmega328) running Python and an NFC shield that reads songs programmed on a series of RFID tags as they make their way through the slot on top.


What you will also notice is that the musical machine itself was not made of wood, metal or plastic; instead, Pucci crafted it out of cardboard lying around his house. While it may be no 1952 Seeburg M100C, this DIY gadget is awesome! See it in action below!