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Arduino controls the Pumpkin King and his scarecrow minions

While carving pumpkins, hanging up a skeleton or two, and affixing a few stickers on windows is plenty of decoration for most families, there are always those Maker-filled households throughout a neighborhood that go above and beyond. Having already become quite the ‘ween must-see in his town, a Maker by the name of Ryan Hughes recently decided to up his creative game by devising a display of scarecrow minions lorded over by Pumpkin King, powered by Atmel based Arduino boards.


Hughes is no stranger to the DIY scene; in fact, the Maker’s flickering LED Funkin heads have even been featured on MAKE Magazine in recent years. At the time, the props were simply wired and hooked to a central timer and power source. However, this year, the Maker has customized the lights himself using Arduino-controlled LED circuit boards embedded within each pumpkin, which are synced to a variety of music and color sequences.