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Video: Maker creates some Arduino-powered sound-sensing art

Art Vader?

They say art is in the eye of the beholder, and well, this wall-mounted piece is stunning. Making matters even better, it’s Star Wars themed!


Crafted by Christopher Connell, the ambient Darth Vader poster wirelessly reacts to music playing in a room with various LED color-changing effects. Comprised of chrome and black paint, flooring underlayment and some other traditional art supplies, the 4’ x 5’ piece is embedded with an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), a sound impact sensor, three MOSFETs, three 220k Ohm resistors, an LED strip, a pair of mini breadboards and a 12V battery pack.


“Regular drawing and painting just didn’t seem to fit the bill of a creative outlet for me, so I decided to design my own mix of art, Arduino, LEDs, sound sensors and Star Wars, all sprinkled with a little computer code,” Connell writes.

Want to devise one of your own? Head over to the project’s log here. Meanwhile, you’ll want to see it in action below.