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This drone can fold up into your pocket

Developed by Maker Jason Lam along with his team at San-Francisco based AeriCam, the Anura is a flying quadcopter that can be folded into approximately the size of an iPhone 6.


“For the first time a pocket size drone design for consumer and able to travel with user 24/7 and where ever. All your need is your smartphone,” the company writes.

The portable drone connects with iOS and Android smartphones via Wi-Fi. Equipped with a built-in microcamera, Anura offers a live aerial view on the screen of the connected smartphone, which also serves as its remote control.


AeriCam tells Gizmag that the drone’s range will extend to roughly 80-feet (25-meters) with a flight time of around 10 minutes per charge and a top speed of 25 MPH (40 km/h).

In addition, the pocket-sized UAV hopes to pack some other funitionalities, including auto take-off, auto land, return home and follow phone — that is, of course, if they reach their minimum of 1,000 units.

According to its most recent tweet, the company will be launching its Kickstarter campaign on October 15th to raise funds for production.