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Why Makers are important for America’s future

Writing for Time Magazine, Tim Bajarin says the burgeoning Maker Movement is “very important” for the future of America.

As Bajarin points out, the Movement boasts the potential to transform more and more people into active Makers instead of just passive consumers.

“I know from history that when you give makers the right tools and inspiration, they have the potential to change the world. According to Atmel, a major backer of the Maker Movement, there are approximately 135 million U.S. adults who are Makers,” writes Bajarin.

“The overall market for 3D printing products and various maker services hit $2.2 billion in 2012. That number is expected to reach $6 billion by 2017 and $8.41 billion by 2020. According to USA Today, Makers fuel business with some $29 billion poured into the world economy each year.”

Bajarin also says Maker Faires held around the world in various locations are essential for fostering innovation.

“The result is that more and more people create products instead of only consuming them, and it’s my view that moving people from being only consumers to creators is critical to America’s future,” he adds.

“At the very least, some of these folks will discover life long hobbies, but many of them could eventually use their tools and creativity to start businesses. And it would not surprise me if the next major inventor or tech leader was a product of the Maker Movement.”

The full text of “Why the Maker Movement Is Important to America’s Future” can be read on Time Magazine here.