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Arduino schematics are as easy as ABC

Arduino Basic Connections Рaka ABC Рis one of the most popular sources for DIY Maker schematics. Over 40 color cards are organized into themes with more than 120  schematics, from the simple connection of an LED to more advanced configurations.

According to ABC author Alberto Piganti, the schematics are currently being used by over 200,000 makers around the world, with 6 million schematics downloaded over the past 6 months.

“The schematics are neat, simple to read, and use; offering content for any skill set; from the beginner to the professional engineer, but not every time is it easy to use them on a computer screen; while the programming environment should be the most active window,” Piganti explained. “Moreover, printing the schematics could be even less useful, especially on a small and already crowded desk. Makers face these problems every day, and sometimes it can be very frustrating.”

That is precisely why Piganti came up with the idea of compiling his wildly popular schematics in book form.

“The most useful and downloaded schematics and reference tables have been packed into a perfectly sized full color booklet; the easiest to use and most efficient reference guide for all of the Arduino’s users and enthusiasts,” he continued.

“The schematics are well organized and the pages are shaped to offer easy access to the content of interest. To make this reference book even more useful, the cover has been designed to be unfolded and will offer an always available and practical reference guide for your Arduino board; with immediate access to all the most important information without changing the page where you are following the schematics.”

Interested in learning more? Additional information about Piganti’s ABC book project can be found on Indiegogo here.