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An Atmel-powered holiday mask

A Maker by the name of Davide Gironi has designed an LED matrix holiday mask powered by Atmel’s versatile ATmega8 MCU and 74LS595N shift registers.

Each of the “eyes” is an 8×8 LED matrix, the mouth two 8x8s, while the matrices are driven by a ULN2803A Darlington transistor array.

According to HackADay’s Kristina Panos, when the user steps behind the mask, an IR sensor detects that a face is within range and activates the facial features.

“The code randomly runs the eye and mouth patterns. If the user starts speaking, a microphone element detects his voice and a separate speaking mouth pattern is executed,” Panos explained. “The mask body and stand are découpaged with pages from Dylan Dog comics. Davide says he built the mask years ago, but decided to submit it to the 2013 Inverart Art Fair in Milan.”

On the software side, patterns can be programmed in code, which Gironi describes as array of bytes: 1 = LED on, 0= LED off.

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official page here.