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Walltech SmartWatch tick-tocks with Atmel

After successfully designing and extensively documenting the open source OLED Watch (v 4.2), Walltech founder John Wall has moved on to version 6.0 of the Atmel-powered smartwatch.


The latest wearable device is built around the FemtoduinoBLE, which features an ATmega32u4 microcontroller (bootloaded as an Arduino Leonardo) paired with a BlueGiga Bluetooth 4.0 low energy module to link devices and receive notifications.

The newest Walltech also boasts a 1.5-inch full color OLED display as well as an on-board microSD card slot.

“A step up from the monochrome .96′ OLED display of v4.2, this screen also consumes very little power thanks to the OLED technology behind it and can show beautiful images that will be the GUI for the smart watch,” John explained in a recent blog post.

“Now that there’s an SD card on board, I can use fancy graphics and make it look professional and keep the code to the MCU, enabling more to be coded instead of storing images too.”

In addition, says the designer, the DS1307 and accompanying regulator make an appearance again, with the same battery charging IC from the previous model powering up the 500mah lithium ion battery.

“To make selections, there will be a surface mount three-way navigation switch in the top right that you can flick up, down and push in to make selections and scroll through faces and apps,” he added.

Interested in learning more? You can check out John’s completed OLED Watch (v 4.2) here and the Walltech Smart Watch v6.0 introductory blog post here.