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3D printing helping in fractured bone surgeries

Italian surgeons at the University of Verona Hospital are now 3D-printing replicas of bone fractures so that they can make sure severe orthopaedic trauma surgeries are successful the first time round.


If you’ve ever fractured a bone, you know exactly how painful it can be, but luckily they can heal rather quickly — that is, of course, if they are able to be set correctly. Otherwise, an injured individual will suffer from chronic pain.

According to IBTimes UK, the doctors are employing “a Stratasys 3D printer to print out replicas of difficult bone fractures” to enable surgeons to rehearse surgeries in advance, similar to the doctors in Barcelona who were recently able to remove a previously inoperable tumour from a five-year-old boy. 3D printing continues to emerge as a true medical marvel, having also been used to save the life of an 18-month-old child’s life by restoring his breathing and provide a 13-year-old girl with an affordable prosthetic arm.

“At the moment about 20 patients have received 3D-printed replicas, especially patients with serious and articular fractures,” Orthopedic and trauma surgeon Dr Nicola Bizzotto told IBTimes UK. “I hope that in future, 3D printers could be used in tissue banks to give us new artificial or biological tissue [made from] a custom organ/bone architecture to implant into patients.”

(SOURCE: International Business Times