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This 3D-printed RC car can go 100 mph

With his sights set on the world record, this Maker created a 3D-printed, remote-controlled car that can go over 100 mph.

Like most of us, James Beswick has a hobby. That interest pertains to the building and racing of remote-controlled cars. But we’re not talking about just any RC vehicle. In fact, the British Maker has designed and 3D-printed one that’s capable of achieving speeds over 100 mph. And while that may sound pretty darn fast to many, the world record for ground speed is actually 202.02 mph, a benchmark Beswick has set out to break.


Thanks to 3D printing, the Maker says the entire construction process became much faster, easier and more efficient. Beswick employed the help of an Ultimaker 2 Extended, which he used to create the car’s four-foot-long body out of a PLA/PHA blend filament for shock absorption and robustness, as well as its rear wing, servo holders, controller mounts, battery and cable clamps, and absorbers for the electronics.

So why go with 3D printing? Not only did the Ultimaker’s build volume provide a printing surface suitable for the car’s dimensions, its open filament system allowed him to experiment with a combination of different materials for his design. According to Beswick, the technology enabled him to make the RC vehicle in more unique shapes, comprised of less pieces with less seams, which made it more aerodynamic.


“I’ve learnt through testing that stones at high speed versus PLA are a deadly mix, so in the next version of the body I’ll be printing I’ll be addressing a few weak spots,” he explains. “The current R/C world record has very recently been set at 202 miles per hour and I won’t be stopping with the development of my project until I can go faster.”

You can learn all about his story, the vehicle and the entire process in his recent interview Ultimaker below.

[Images: Ultimaker]