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3D printing a castle in Minnesota

While we have covered the creations of Minnesota Maker Andrey Rudenko before on Bits & Pieces, nothing may’ve compared to his latest. Andrey has had the goal of 3D printing an entire house for a while now, and while his other projects have been incredible, this one is certainly the most majestic yet.


Powered by an Arduino Mega (ATmega1280 MCU), Rudenko has created his own device capable of printing a fully-functional, small-scale castle comprised of concrete.

As noted, the Maker has had his eyes set on 3D printing an entire house for quite some time now, but amid some small concerns, he has decided to start at what he calls “small” and build his way up. Rudenko has designed the castle to test his technology and gain structural confidence to eventually build an entire house. “It has been two years since I first began toying with the idea of a 3D printer that was capable of constructing homes,” Andrey tells 3DPrint.com.


The castle is large enough for adults to walk around in and Andrey is assured that he now has the capability to print an entire home. However, though he originally planned to construct the home in Minnesota, Rudenko believes that it may be best to find a location that provides a warmer climate, as the winters up north may be be too harsh on the construction process and on the 3D printer itself.


“While other teams are also working on respectable projects in 3D printing construction technology, I have developed a product that is ready for actual-size construction rather than miniature prototypes,” he tells 3DPrint.com. When looking at these pictures and plans, it’s obvious that the Maker is the king of this 3D-printed castle.


“When I started out, people struggled to believe this project would progress any further,” Rudenko explained. Though the structure isn’t as tall as the trees surrounding it, it does appear to be large enough to walk around in.


“I have previously been sure I could print homes, but having finished the castle, I now have proof,” the creator validated.

As 3DPrint.com writes, there’s no debate as to whether or not majestic masterpiece is the first 3D-printed castle every designed, and there remains very little doubt that Rudenko will be successful in the 3D printing of a full-size house.

While we have seen attempts at 3D-printed cars and homes before using AVR XMEGA and megaAVR MCU-powered machines, Andrey Rudenko’s creations are surely something quite magical. For those looking to explore other innovative 3D printing projects, head on over to our archives on the topic here. Anyone interested in helping him out with the 3D-printed house project, Rudenko has asked that they contact him via email.