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Atmel + Celeno = Wi-Fi Direct Remote Controls

Atmel and Celeno Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi chips and software, are working together to develop integrated solutions for high-performance Wi-Fi Direct remote controls for next-generation set-top box and video gateway platforms.

Based on Celeno’s Wi-Fi chipset and Atmel’s ultra-low power Wi-Fi Direct technology, the resulting solution will help wireless designers bring their products to market faster. They’ll also be able to lower overall system costs and power consumption. The new set-top box platform will be demonstrated at 2013 CES.

Wi-Fi Direct allows Wi-Fi devices to securely connect and communicate without a wireless access point, essentially simplifying and speeding the connection process. Say you have an image on your smartphone that you want to print, or you want to transmit video from your phone to your TV. Using Wi-Fi Direct technology, these devices can automatically find each other and complete the tasks–without needing a wireless router, or a hotspot, or SSIDs. In this era of The Internet of Things, when web-enabled devices are expected to outnumber people on our planet, Wi-Fi Direct represents a key enabler.

With a broad product portfolio including AVR and ARM-processor based microcontrollers, touch technologies and Wi-Fi solutions, Atmel is right at the heart of the devices fueling The Internet of Things. Atmel recently strengthened our position in this area with our acquistion of Ozmo, Inc., a leading provider of ultra-low power Wi-Fi solutions. From our expanded portfolio, developers can find the technologies they need to create smart, connected products that are targeted to The Internet of Things.

2013 CES, Here We Come!

Ultra HD TVs. Windows 8 tablets. Large-screen smartphones. Bendable screens. These are just a few of the new gadgets that promise to fill the booths at the Las Vegas Convention Center next week. It’s time for the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

This is an exciting period not just for the OEMs that are producing these gadgets, but also for the companies behind many of the underlying technologies that are making these gadgets possible. Take microcontrollers (MCUs), for example. Microcontrollers are powering many of the world’s smart, connected devices. Some studies have revealed that on a given day–at work, home and play–we’re likely to interact with as many as 150 MCUs in the digital devices and systems that we use. It’s the spread of The Internet of Things, and MCUs are right at the core.

At CES, Atmel will host a meeting room where customers can see demos of MCUs and other products and meet with Atmel Technology Experts and executives. To schedule a meeting, contact your local sales rep or email events@atmel.com. In addition, CES attendees can see our ZigBee Light Link and Wireless Composer/Sniffer solutions in the ZigBee Pavilion; our meeting room will feature a selection of other wireless solutions.

From our microcontroller portfolio, we’ll be showcasing demos including:

With the dazzling array of touch-based products that typically fill the CES show floor, Atmel is excited to be behind many of the technologies that give these products their distinct capabilities. The newest touchscreen controllers in our maXTouch S Series are Windows 8 certified, feature integrated sensor hub technology and support screen sizes up to 17.3″. At CES, we’ll demo sensor hub technology on a Windows 8 tablet.

We are also excited to share the newest demos of our XSense flexible touch sensors. These demos highlight some key features of XSense for smartphones, tablets and other industrial designs: narrow borders, support for curved surfaces, support for larger touchscreens.

We look forward to meeting many of you at 2013 CES!

Smart, Connected Design at 2013 CES

Going to the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month? In our meeting room at the show, Atmel will showcase embedded technologies that inspire smart, connected designs. Among our many demos:

To schedule a meeting with Atmel executives and Tech Experts at CES, contact your local sales representative or send an email to events@atmel.com. We will also be in the ZigBee Pavilion with demos of our ZigBee Light Link and Wireless Composer/Sniffer solutions.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!