Report: Wearables need makeover to maximize market

According to a new Beecham Research report, the wearable tech market stands for a greater chance of mass consumer adoption if it can somehow up its chicness. The report notes that wearable devices will swiftly move beyond just smart glasses and watches to embrace products in a wider variety of sectors, such as safety, security, glamor and healthcare. The fashion-forward […]

Salesforce launches dev kit for wearables

Salesforce has rolled out a software development pack for wearable devices. Backed by a number of industry heavyweights such as ARM, the dev kit is expected to accelerate adoption of wearables in the enterprise. “Wearables are the next phase of the mobile revolution,” said Salesforce exec Daniel Debow. “With Salesforce Wear, companies can now capture […]

Engadget talks flexible batteries for wearables

Mat Smith of the Engadget crew recently went hands-on with ProLogium, a manufacturer of flexible batteries for wearable devices. “[The] flexible-battery manufacturer reckons its thin, flexible lithium-ceramic cells, shaped into wristbands, could offer as much as 500mAh of extra power, with existing models already offering an extra 300mAh,” Smith wrote on the sidelines of Computex […]

An $18 billion wearables enterprise market

Analysts at ABI Research confirm that wearable device technologies will become an integral part of enterprise mobile enablement strategies – increasing at an impressive CAGR value of 56.1% over the next five years. As expected, the North American region will be the largest, growing at a CAGR value of 39% over the next five years. […]

Flexible battery eyes next-gen wearables

Rice University researchers have created a flexible battery that could potentially power future generations of wearable devices. 

Developed by Rice chemist James Tour and his colleagues, the design comprises flexible material with nanoporous nickel-fluoride electrodes layered around a solid electrolyte. The flexible power source delivers battery-like supercapacitor performance, combining the best qualities of a high-energy […]

A thermoelectric generator for wearables?!

The upcoming generation of wearables is expected to be lighter and more flexible. Future devices may also be equipped with an advanced power source, which could be a portable, long-lasting battery or even a generator. 

Indeed, as Professor Byung Jin Cho of The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) notes, supplying power in a stable […]

Report: Wearables to drive significant battery revenue

Analysts at IHS say the global market for batteries used in wearable electronics will increase more than tenfold in just four short years, propelled by new devices suitable for active sports and fitness lifestyles. 

Indeed, worldwide revenue for wearable electronics batteries is projected to reach $77 million by 2018, up considerably from a mere $6 […]

Wearables shipments expected to surge

Industrial Economics and Knowledge Research Center (IEK) analyst Hou Chun-Yuan says worldwide wearable device shipments will increase approximately 499 percent to 190 million units in 2018, up from 31.7 million units 2014. 

According to Hou, the global market for wearable devices like smartwatches and wristbands is forecast to grow significantly this year as various technical […]

Wearables dominated by sports & healthcare

As the potential for smart wearable devices continues to draw new entrants into the market, it is the sports and healthcare functionality that currently dominates shipments and is expected to drive future wearable device adoption. According to analysts at ABI Research, the most popular device functionality is heart rate monitoring – with close to 12 […]

Do wearables require a new kind of ecosystem?

Forrester analyst JP Gownder says tech companies must create a new type of ecosystem for wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, this ecosystem shouldn’t necessarily focus on developers, hardware makers or service companies. Rather, Gownder believes it should prioritize brands, healthcare providers, retailers, financial services companies and governments. “Let’s be honest: A lot […]