Rewind: 27 STEM kits from 2015

These STEM toys from 2015 are helping to inspire the next generation of Makers. STEM education has been a growing venture in schools across the country, with even the President himself making it a priority to encourage students as young as grade-school to pursue the science, technology, engineering and math disciplines. After all, these fields are changing the world rapidly within […]

Rewind: 2015 is the year the Maker Movement went mainstream

Look ma, I’m on TV! Just in case you needed any more proof that the Maker Movement has gone mainstream, here’s a quick look at five times Atmel-based projects got some TV love this year. Jimmy Fallon An Arduino Uno (ATmega328) was the unexpected guest on “The Tonight Show” in April when 14-year-old Sahar Khashayar had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show off her project, […]

30 stocking stuffers for the techie in your life

Tech the halls with these Atmel-powered gizmos and gadgets this holiday season. If there’s one thing that all engineers and Makers love, it’s tech. With the holidays quickly approaching, trying to figure out what to get that enthusiast in your life can become quite stressful — well, fret not! From handheld and wearable devices, to smart home equipment, to DIY electronic kits, there’s plenty […]

Don’t try this at home: A knife-wielding tentacle

Now, who wants to take a ‘stab’ at turning this off?  While some Makers like to think outside the box, others prefer to mount a servo-driven tentacle to a box. In what may surely be one of the most abstract (and dangerous) DIY gadgets of all-time, YouTuber “OutaSpaceMan” has developed a mechanism that flails a Swiss Army knife around in the air. We all know […]

Flip & click is like Arduino’s two-sided cousin

This board is too flippin’ cool!  We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: modularity is king when it comes to the Maker Movement. Dating back to the earliest days of Tinkertoys and LEGO, DIYers have always loved piecing things together to construct new projects. Fast forward several decades and this passion, when combined with modern-day smart technology, […]

CellRobot is the world’s first smart modular robot

Assemble and control your own robot with the shapes you imagine and the functions you want. When it comes to the Maker Movement, modularity is king. Think littleBits. Think Microduino. Think Modulo. Think RePhone. But why stop at DIY devices? Sharing many of the same principles, Chinese startup KEYi Technology has introduced a customizable, reconfigurable robot that encourages […]

The Gizmos and Gadgets Kit is the ultimate Maker’s toolbox

littleBits has launched a new kit that enables young Makers to build a wide range of new DIY projects. Over the last four years, littleBits has transcended from just a small New York-based startup into one of the most monumental names empowering the Maker Movement. During this time, the team has launched over 70 tiny, modular Bits and 13 exciting kits, many of which powered by Atmel MCUs. After […]

This pocket-sized, modular synthesizer is based on Arduino

The NS1nanosynth is a modern, analog/digital synthesizer that fits in the palm of your hand. Back in the 1970s, modular synthesizers were often bulky and expensive. Reproducing an exact patch was not only difficult, but virtually impossible. Throughout the years, these devices began to be largely supplanted in pop music by highly integrated keyboard synths, racks of MIDI-connected gear and samplers. Fast […]

Node.IT is like the LEGO for building IoT devices

Node.IT is a super small and extendable Internet of Things system for Makers.  It’s safe to say that one size does not fit all when it comes to DIY electronics. This has led countless Makers to embrace interchangeable, easy-to-use components like littleBits when beginning to tinker around with an idea. With aspirations of becoming the LEGO for the Internet of Things, Pontus Oldberg has […]

Modulo is now based on the Atmel | SMART SAM D21

Modulo is a simple, modular solution for Makers looking to build electronics. Back in May, former Pixar developer Erin Tomson unveiled a new set of plug-and-play boards designed to take the headache and hassle out of building electronics. Not long after its Kickstarter launch, Modulo flew by its $10,000 pledge goal having garnered over $50,000 from 315-plus backers. Since then, the Richmond, […]