This littleBits frame changes based on your gym habits

A piece of art that gets more beautiful when you “do good.”  With the new year officially underway, it’s a safe assumption that many, if not all, of you had exercising among their resolutions. However, truth be told, actually getting up and going to the gym isn’t as easy. That’s why Maker Natasha Dzurny has created a simple mechanism in the form […]

Learn how to #InventAnything with littleBits

Ready to become a BITSTAR? littleBits has launched a self-guided, open curriculum for Makers. As you’re probably well aware, littleBits is all about inspiring more people around the world to become Makers and not just consumers of technology. The company seeks to place the power of electronics into the hands of everyone with their easy-to-use, modular components that enable those […]

Building a Wii module for the littleBits platform

Maker creates a module to connect a Wii Nunchuck to a littleBits circuit.  A Maker by the name of “minigorille” recently devised a simple yet powerful module that enables interfacing between a Wii Nunchuck and four outputs. The project — which he calls Wii Bit — is comprised of an XY joystick, an XY accelerometer and two-press buttons (Z and C). Built around […]

Playing the littleBits Waving Piano

This is what you get when you add a whammy bar to a piano. Created by Maker Gonçalo Silva, the littleBits Waving Piano is an ATmega32U4 based keyboard that was programmed to behave as an oscillator. How it works is relatively simple: As keys are pressed on the board, they are read by the Arduino module and mapped to the corresponding pitch, as […]

Hack your own smart home with littleBits

With smart devices on the rise, we are inching ever so close to a world comprised of entirely connected homes. With major backing from corporations like Apple and Google, the emergence of [Atmel based] startups on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, as well as more and more Makers tinkering around to automate in-house tasks, it is clearer than ever that the market is ready […]

littleBits announces bitLab, an App Store for hardware

Taking one step closer to its mission of “putting the power of electronics in the hands of everyone,” litteBits has announced the launch of bitLab, a marketplace for user-generated hardware. Comparable to Apple’s App Store, bitLab allows Makers to create their own littleBits modules and share them with burgeoning DIY community. “When Apple launched the App Store, many apps were games, many were frivolous. I remember a lot […]

littleBits connects your things to the Internet

In what the company hopes will alter the perception of littleBits from toy to tool, the electronics kit manufacturer today announced a new component that’ll allow any littleBits creation to the become an Internet-connected ‘thing’ without the need to solder, wire or program for basic projects. According to CEO Ayah Bdeir, the newly-unveiled cloudBit kit enables the average person to now easily contribute to the Internet of Things “without wasting […]

Engadget and TechCrunch talk LittleBits Arduino

Yesterday, LittleBits debuted a programmable ATmega32u4-powered Arduino at Heart Module – allowing Makers to easily incorporate sketches into their littleBits circuits. The stand-alone Arduino module can be snapped up for $36, although LittleBits is currently offering an $89 starter bundle that includes a total of 8 prototyping modules. The LittleBits Arduino module launch has been […]

ATmega32u4 MCU powers littleBits Arduino module

LittleBits has debuted a programmable ATmega32u4-powered Arduino at Heart Module. The new component will allow Makers to easily incorporate sketches into their littleBits circuits. According to a LittleBits rep, the Arduino Module is capable of reading two types of input signals. “The first is digital, which is a simple ‘on’ or ‘off’ signal. This is […]

YOUMO is a smart modular power strip

Think of it like the littleBits of charging.  These days, people have more than one device in their arsenal. From our phones to laptops, tablets and wearables, we need more than just the standard wall socket to power up our electronics. A power strip solves that problem, but what if it could do more for […]