Will Makers change Shenzhen?

Writing for the EE Times, Junko Yoshida says local culture in Shenzhen is rapidly changing, with a growing number of hi-tech workers reportedly joining the rapidly growing Maker Movement (chuang ke). Indeed, RPTechWorks founder Yang Yango told Yoshida that “labor intensive” Shenzhen will eventually become a city known for fast prototyping with “shortened development” cycles. […]

A closer look at China’s Maker Movement

David Li, co-founder of Shanghai’s first Maker Space (XinCheJian), recently told The Economist that the Maker Movement is helping to inspire the creation of legitimate and innovative products, as socially progressive Makers team up with more traditional manufacturers in China. According to the publication, Maker spaces such as XinCheJian are supported by monthly membership fees […]

China’s Maker Movement is rapidly evolving

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Emily Parker confirms that the wildly popular DIY Maker Movement is gaining serious ground in China. As readers of Bits & Pieces know, Makers often gather at hackerspaces, or makerspaces, real-world locations where they can learn and work together. Unsurprisingly, there are over a dozen spaces dedicated to Makers […]

This school library is now a Makerspace

Recently, Bits & Pieces ran an article about how the Xinchejian crew constructed a “Pop Up” DIY space in a shipping container as part of Make+, a non-profit art and technology program headquartered in Shanghai, China. We also took a closer look at the city of Baltimore which is filling up with DIY spaces for […]

Xinchejian builds a Makerspace in a shipping container

Recently, Bits & Pieces ran an article about how the city of Baltimore is filling up with DIY spaces where Makers, hackers and modders can to share ideas, tools and projects. Besides the Hackerspace (founded in 2009), there is The Node in the Station North Arts District, Fab Lab, Unallocated Space and the Baltimore Foundery. […]

Atmel hearts Makers, and here’s why

The Maker movement is growing and starting to make its mark on business, the economy and everyday life. While the movement may have started small, pushing up from the grassroots, Makers are increasingly thinking “big,” beginning to focus on broader based needs, from improving consumer products that could hit the mass market, to designing medical […]

Rewind: Absurdly awesome Arduino projects from 2015

Arduin-OMG! This year was great! Here are 35 Maker marvels with the best or craziest (or maybe both) Arduino ideas that we stumbled upon in 2015. Wacky, weird and we love it. Wake-Up Machine Always seem to hit the snooze button? Well, Simone Giertz’s alarm will hit you instead. And once you’re awake, you can let a robotic arm spoon feed you […]

Atmel’s second 2015 FAE training comes to an end

Taking a look back at the final FAE training of the year…  We couldn’t have found a more appropriate, well-suited place to host our final internal three-day technical training of 2015 than Shenzhen, China. The city is constantly innovating, with IoT startups popping up on seemingly each street corner, throughout every tech shop, factory and Makerspace. […]

Arduino and Seeed Studio announce partnership at Maker Faire Shenzhen

Seeed Studio will manufacture and distribute Arduino LLC products using the new Genuino brand in Asia. Back in May, Massimo Banzi took the Maker Faire Bay Area stage for the highly-anticipated “State of Arduino” address. During what was surely one of the most highly-anticipated sessions of the show, the Arduino co-founder announced a New York City manufacturing partnership with […]

Atmel and MXCHIP develop Wi-Fi platform with secure cloud access for IoT apps

SAM G MCU + WILC1000 Wi-Fi SoC + MiCO IoT OS = Secure Cloud Access  Atmel and MXCHIP, a top 10 China IoT start-up according to Techno, have announced that the two companies are coming together to develop an ultra-low power Internet of Things (IoT) platform with secure Wi-Fi access to the cloud, enabling designers to quickly bring their connected devices to market. […]