The evolution and DNA of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), as noted in previous Bits & Pieces articles, is really just a concept at this point because the “things” are undefined. As those “things” become more defined, the IoT’s things stop being just things and become something. So, the main question right now: What are those things going to be? Perhaps the IoT […]

Harken system helps save lives on the road

Not only will the Internet of Things change the way you live, it will also enhance the way you drive. Before the day where we’ll see driverless cars, the world will have the chance to experience just how embedded technology could drastically alter the way in which we operate vehicles, not to mention save lives along the way. Despite […]

IoT analogous to undifferentiated silicon stem cells

One could say that any term with the word “thing” in it is vague — by definition. So, one could also assume that the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) is also vague by definition. Why is it that the tech and investor communities cannot define IoT? Maybe it’s because the IoT is indefinable — by definition. In order […]

Report: Drivers ready for connected cars

According to a new report from mobile operator Telefónica, consumer awareness of connected car products and services around the globe is growing. In its annual study of buying behavior and attitudes, the telco found that 70% of drivers were either interested in using, or already were using, connected car services, while 80% of consumers expected that they would ultimately be have the access to […]

The Microcosm of IoT and connected cars in Formula 1 (Part 2)

…Continued from The Microcosm of IoT in Formula 1 (Part 1) The typical F1 racing car embodies the sophisticated engineering — designed to win and only but win. The racing platform itself (both team, driver, and car) executes every deductive decision vetted against one pillar called “performance.” Here’s the quantified car and driver. At 1.5 […]

The future of embedded automotive technology

Rob Valiton, senior VP and general manager, Automotive, Aerospace and Memory Business Units, Atmel Corporation, recently participated in an EE Catalog panel discussion about the future of embedded automotive technology. According to Valiton, there is a wide variety of of technology that will continue to find its way into in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems – with […]

These robots make music

Steven Kemper studied music composition and computer technology at the University of Virginia. Unsurprisingly, he was always fascinated with robotic instruments that can be programmed to play music, respond to human musicians and even improvise. So Kemper, along with colleagues Scott Barton and Troy Rogers, went on to found Expressive Machines Musical Instrument (EMMI), designing […]

Hot August Nights Fever? Atmel Automotive Infographic

People love their cars. It’s one of those near universal facts. Whether they live in big cities or small rural hamlets, drive a mini or a hummer, there is just something about the sexy vroom vroom of an engine that excites people on a primal level. Perhaps it’s the destructive force in us that is […]