KeKePad is an ATmega32U4-powered wearables platform

KeKePad is a plug-and-play platform that replaces conductive thread with tiny connectors and thin cables. Like most Makers, Michael Yang enjoyed using the Arduino Lilypad for his wearable and e-textile projects. However, he discovered that conductive thread has a few drawbacks: it is expensive, it has no insulation and its resistance is quite high. Plus, in order to achieve a tight connection, the wires need to […]

Rewind: 100 wow-worthy wearables from 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, let’s take one more look at the wearable devices that caught our attention over the last 12 months. At the moment, the wearables landscape is being dominated by brands like Fitbit, Apple, Motorola, Xiaomi, Samsung and a number of other tech giants. Total shipments are expected to reach 214.6 million units by 2019, reflecting a five-year CAGR of 28%. While today’s […]

Are conductive temporary tattoos the future of wearables?

Time to get skintimate with Tech Tats. Although there’s already an abundance of activity monitoring wearables on the market today, mobile development studio Chaotic Moon is exploring a new frontier in the industry. The Austin-based firm has decided to go beyond just a fitness tracker with a collection of biosensors that affix to your skin like a temporary tattoo. In one of its uses […]

3 “mega secular trends” that will fuel the growth of wearables

The wearable technology market could reach 385 million people in a few years, analysts believe. “Wearable technology will be the next generation of devices to transform how individuals consume and use information,” Piper Jaffray’s Erinn Murphy and Christof Fischer said in a recent note to clients. In fact, there could be more people using wearable devices than there are […]

This tiny sensor platform lets you build your own wearables

MetaWear Coin is a complete, low-power solution that enables both Makers and businesses to develop wearable sensor products. Back in April, MbientLab unveiled a tiny BLE module that enabled Makers to build production-ready wearables right from their smartphones. MetaWear worked by connecting a product to a mobile device via Bluetooth, then logging or streaming six-axis of motion and environmental data. Following its success, the team has now launched a Kickstarter campaign for […]

These kirigami-based, stretchable batteries may power future wearables

Stretchable batteries inspired by origami could one day power smartwatches and other wearable devices, researchers say. Researchers at Arizona State University have created a battery that can stretch up to 150% of its original size, opening the door to a wide range of potential applications in wearable technology. Based on the origami variant kirigami, the team was able transform a […]

Report: 126 million wearables will be shipped in 2019

IDC report forecasts wearable devices to reach 45.7 million units in 2015. The combination of new vendors, devices and greater consumer awareness will likely drive the global wearables market this year, a new IDC report has revealed. The research firm notes that vendors will ship a total of 45.7 million units in 2015, up a strong 133.4% from […]

Report: Half a billion wearables to be in use by 2019

Cisco projects an 18-fold jump in mobile traffic from wearable devices by 2019.  While wearables are still undergoing a shift from niche to mainstream, Cisco predicts the rapidly-growing popularity of the devices will surge over the next few years. According to the company’s Visual Networking Index report, there will be more than half a billion wearable devices in use every day come […]

Atmel expands SAM G lineup for wearables and sensor hub management

A year after its debut, we’re excited to share that we’ve expanded our award-winning SAM G series of ARM Cortex-M4-based MCUs with the new SAM G54 and SAM G55. Targeting the rapidly emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market for battery-operated devices including wearables, such as fitness bands and smart watches, sensor hub management, healthcare, gateways, bridges, audio […]

Samsung: Wearables will lead to a ‘new era of power dressing’

As 2014 comes to an end, Samsung has shared a set of predictions around wearable technology for year ahead. Following the release of several smartwatches over the past 12 months, the electronics company believes that wearables will make the crossover from the consumer market into the workplace. According to the Samsung, wearable technology will not only be the “2015 equivalent of the shoulder pads of the […]