Rewind: Absurdly awesome Arduino projects from 2015

Arduin-OMG! This year was great! Here are 35 Maker marvels with the best or craziest (or maybe both) Arduino ideas that we stumbled upon in 2015. Wacky, weird and we love it. Wake-Up Machine Always seem to hit the snooze button? Well, Simone Giertz’s alarm will hit you instead. And once you’re awake, you can let a robotic arm spoon feed you […]

Control this robotic wing with your ears

::vtol:: gives you wings… well, sort of. Ever wonder what it would be like to give yourself wings or perhaps a tail? Well, Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov has. So much so that the Maker, who we’ve come to know as ::vtol::, has developed a robotized installation that does just that. Commissioned by the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe for […]

The Prankophone is a synth for making prank calls

Prankophone is a synthesiser and telephone system hybrid that plays melodies to call recipients generated by their phone numbers. Russian artist Dmitry Morozov, who we better know as ::vtol::, never ceases to amaze us with his innovative, out-of-the-box projects. Most recently, the Maker has spliced a synthesizer with a telephone and a logic module to create what may be […]

Artist makes music out of spinning fool’s gold

This Arduino-powered synthesizer can turn a 300 million-year-old pyrite disc into tunes. Pyrite is a common, naturally occurring iron sulfide whose metallic luster and brass-yellow hue has earned itself the well-known nickname of fool’s gold. Despite its abundance in nature, there’s a much rarer form of the mineral which is crystallized in a radial shape resembling that of a disc. Interestingly enough, […]

This Arduino-powered instrument turns Bitcoin into sounds

::vtol:: has done it again! This time he has turned cryptocurrencies into tunes with a giant Arduino-powered string instrument. Although cryptocurrencies may not be printed on paper or metalicized into coins, it doesn’t mean that Bitcoin and Litecoin can’t still be brought to life. Just ask Dmitry Morozov, also known as ::vtol::, who has transformed those digital bits into something […]

This Arduino-powered baton will tell on you if you hit someone

Nice going, tattletale! Don’t hit someone or else this billy club will tell your mother.  Moscow-based Maker ::vtol:: and his art-inspired projects have are no stranger to the Atmel Bits & Pieces blog. Whether it’s modding a typewriter to print ASCII selfies or turning air pollution into images, the hacker-artist continues to surprise us with new innovations. Added to the growing list is a […]

This modded typewriter will print you an ASCII art selfie

But first, let me type a selfie. Well, what do you know? Another week, another impressive project from Moscow-based technological artist Dmitry Morozov — otherwise known as ::vtol::. Just the other day, the Maker devised an innovative way to capture 8-bit instant photos using a camera masquerading as a gun. Now, he has managed to mod a Brother SX-4000 […]

This Arduino-based installation turns Google searches into music

Maker uses the popularity of others as the input for creating electronic music. By now, you’re probably well aware that Moscow-based innovator Dmitry Morozov is no stranger to the Bits & Pieces blog with his unique Arduino-based installations. Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, from making eery tunes by crushing electronic devices to turning air pollution into contemporary […]

Here are some unbelievable projects to help celebrate Arduino Day

With Arduino Day celebrations just about to kick off, let’s take a look at some cool ‘duino projects! Atmel powers Arduino. Arduino enables Maker. Maker inspires the world. While there are countless creations all over the web, we’ve compiled just a few of the most dynamic and different ‘duino projects from the past couple of months to help celebrate March 28th. […]

Gbg-8 isn’t like any other Polaroid camera

With a click of the trigger, the gbg-8 shoots… a photo! No stranger to Bits & Pieces, Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov has created a rather strange yet innovative DIY camera unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. In essence, the gbg-8 is an 8-bit instant photo camera masquerading as a gun, which was designed using an old Game Boy, a camera, a thermal […]