Maker builds a Pro Trinket-powered GPS watch

Hey, watch-a got there?!  Sure, you could always go buy a GPS watch like the TomTom Spark or Garmin Forerunner. Or, you could be like Shawn Cruise and build your own nifty, somewhat Steampunkish wearable device. The Arduino GPS Watch, which is made up of two leather cuffs, consists of a 128×32 OLED display, a 3V Pro Trinket (ATmega328) with […]

Pro Trinket powers this brilliant bike POV display

Light up your nighttime bike ride with this persistence of vision display from Adafruit. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen numerous Maker projects focused around bicycles. To recount just a few, there’s been a smart helmet with turn signals and automatic brake lights, a smartphone-controlled handlebar lighting system, and most recently added to the list of bright ideas […]

A Pro Trinket-based movement alarm for your bag

A portable, battery-powered device that sounds an alarm when your bag is moved.  Your pocketbook. Your backpack. Your gym bag. Each of which hold a number of expensive, personal belongings. And, as you know from walking around the mall, through campus, into the gym, or throughout an event like Maker Faire, lugging around a hefty bag […]

Building a Pro Trinket smartwatch

Don’t feeling like buying a smartwatch or waiting around for Apple’s launch in April? You can make your timepiece instead!  Maker James Chin has recently been working on a new watch, controlled by a Pro Trinket (ATmega328) and a real-time clock. The DIY wearable is equipped with a potentiometer under the OLED screen and a momentary button to control the watch. […]

Adafruit’s Pro Trinket gets the treatment

Last year, Adafruit launched the Trinket, a tiny microcontroller board built around our ATtiny85. Then back in August, they shared the news that the uber-mini board was getting a big sister, the Pro Trinket. Based on the incredibly-popular, Maker favorite ATmega328, the Pro Trinket offers the familiarity of an Arduino Pro Mini with more pins and USB thrown in the […]

Light up your day with this Trinket bracelet

Maker Marcus Olsson has designed ED bracelets before. Marcus’ last project featured an accelerometer so that the LEDs would react to the wearer’s movement. Now, his newest iteration sports a microphone that allows the illumination to react to the sounds that surround it. The Maker’s friends began to pester him for a creation that interacted with the […]

Interfacing with Adafruit’s Atmel-powered Trinket

Bits & Pieces recently covered a project by a Maker named Pocketmoon who wanted to demonstrate just how many components can be hung off Adafruit’s 3.3v ATtiny85-powered Trinket. Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at constructing a Trinket RGB shield clock, courtesy of the Adafruit crew. 

According to Adafruit’s Mike Barela, the […]

How much you can hang off a Trinket (ATtiny85)?

Adafruit’s Trinket platform – based on Atmel’s versatile ATtiny85 microcontroller (MCU) – has been used to power a number of diverse projects in recent months, including an audio player, flickering candle in a jar, a knock drawer lock, a sound-reactive LED color organ and even a rover. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at an Adafruit forum post by Pocketmoon who wanted […]

Building a Trinket-based (ATtiny 85) rover

Adafruit’s Trinket platform – based on Atmel’s versatile ATtiny85 microcontroller (MCU) – has been used to power a number of diverse projects in recent months, including an audio player, flickering candle in a jar, a knock drawer lock and a sound-reactive LED color organ.

 Today, we’re going to take a closer look at a Trinket-powered rover […]

A flickering LED candle in a jar with Adafruit’s Trinket

Tim Bartlett says he’s always wanted to create a small light with realistic fire (flickering) animation. Enter Bartlett’s LED candle in a jar – just in time for the winter holiday season. “Its brain is a programmable microcontroller, running a smart RGB LED via a single data pin, housed in the lid of a jar,” […]