Creating realtime IoT dashboards and maps with PubNub

EON is an open source JavaScript framework for creating beautiful realtime dashboards, charts and maps. The realtime publishing and streaming of data is a key component of the Internet of Things, especially when it comes to tracking and monitoring connected devices. We need a way to easily collect, detect, and distribute data as it’s created […]

Building a realtime temperature sensor with Atmel and PubNub

PubNub’s Bhavana Srinivas demonstrates how to build a realtime temperature sensor with PubNub and Atmel. With the buzzword being Internet of Things (IoT), PubNub recently wanted to build something simple, yet powerful, that could extend beyond the hackerspace and be applied to the real world. It had to combine software and hardware, and allow people at home to […]

Creating an earthquake warning system with littleBits and PubNub

Maker replicates California’s earthquake warning and monitoring system using littleBits, Ruby and PubNub. In the wake of the tragic 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Anmol Agrawal decided to create a mini earthquake warning and monitoring system using littleBits, Ruby and PubNub. As the the Maker notes, this DIY solution — which also happens to be among the latest entries in this year’s Hackaday […]

Analyzing real-time tweets with PubNub’s Data Stream

How’s America feeling? With PubNub’s real-time Twitter Stream, you can find out. By now, many of us have become used to the ubiquity of streams when it comes to consuming content online, ranging from RSS feeds and blogs to social media channels and services. Drinking from a data firehose API is a powerful and fast way to stream data from any source […]

PubNub launches full SDK support for Atmel IoT products

Our friends at PubNub recently joined forces with us at CES 2015 to launch full SDK support for our entire lineup of MCU, MPU, and wireless SoC platforms. As the team reveals, Atmel developers will now have access to PubNub’s secure publish/subscribe messaging with guaranteed ¼ second latencies across PubNub’s 14 global points-of-presence. PubNub delivers secure communication through firewalls, […]

PubNub unveils new Realtime Analytics Dashboard

PubNub recently announced the availability of its new Realtime Analytics Dashboard, providing customers with easy-to-understand visualizations of their application data streams and user base. New real-time graphs illustrate the value, impact and scalability of PubNub-powered applications. For Internet of Things (IoT) customers and others enabling device connectivity, the new dashboard tracks data stream traffic and usage in real-time via a live world map. […]

1:1 interview with TinyArcade creator Ken Burns

TinyArcade is the most adorable video game console you’ve ever seen. Recently, we had the chance to sit down with TinyCircuits founder Ken Burns, who just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign for the TinyArcade. Here’s what he had to say… Josh Marinacci: Hi Ken. I’m one of the original Kickstarter backers of TinyCircuits and I love it. Could you tell us a little bit […]

Rewind: 12 projects you wish you had in your office

Whether it’s eliminating distractions or enhancing convenience, every workplace could use some of these things. An Electric Standing Desk StandiT is a modular, patent-pending system that can take ordinary desks or wooden tabletops and transform them into electric stand-sit desks capable of raising and lowering on your command. An Ergonomic Keyboard Keyboardio is an open source ergonomic keyboard that gives your pinkies a break and puts your thumbs […]

Are you designing for the latest automotive embedded system?

Eventually, self-driving cars will arrive. But until then, here’s a look at what will drive that progression. The next arrow of development is set for automotive We all have seen it. We all have read about it in your front-center technology news outlets. The next forefront for technology will take place in the vehicle. The growing market fitted with […]

Building an IoT coffee maker with realtime capacity monitoring

Now you can see how much coffee is left in the pot without leaving your chair.  You’ve all been in the situation before: You arrive at the office coffee maker in the morning only to find that it’s empty. If only you could curb that disappointment with realtime reporting on exactly how much coffee is left in the pot. Well fortunately […]