This smart lamp lets you ‘paint the light’ in your room

FLUXO is a full LED fixture, not just another smart bulb. Although the idea of a smart lamp is nothing new, one Austrian startup has come up with an innovative design that allows you to move the light using simple paint gestures on your smartphone. Thanks to FLUXO, any mood is now possible using a single pendant lamp comprised of 300 LEDs with […]

Capturing the movement of musicians through light painting

One Waterloo artist uses LEDs and long-exposure photography to reveal the hidden patterns of musicians.  Stephen Orlando has come up with an innovative way to capture music in photos. By attaching LED lights to the bows of violin, viola and cello players, the Waterloo-based photographer is able to snap a visual representation of the sounds being created with the help of a long-exposure camera. Orlando can […]

Artist modifies his 3D printer to paint with light

Maker attaches an RGB LED to his RepRap 3D printer to paint with lights. Indian architect Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi has taken the practice of light painting into the third dimension by 3D printing with light. To accomplish this, the Maker has created a new system that swaps out filament for LEDs and captures the resulting print with long-exposure photographs. Kalsi […]

Artist creates interactive paintings with Bare Conductive

This Denver-based innovator is bringing art to life with an audible, tactile and visual experience. Step into any gallery and you can expect to find “Do Not Touch” signs plastered everywhere. What this means is that, in most cases, the piece of art stimulates only one of the five human senses. However, a Denver-based originator has set out to change that by providing viewers with […]

Painting random patterns on Easter eggs with Arduino

What an eggs-ellent idea! First conceived in the spring of 1990 by Bruce Shapiro, the Egg-Bot is an art robot capable of drawing on rounded objects ranging in size from a ping-pong ball to a softball. The Maker initially came up with the idea as he grew fascinated by controlling stepper motors from his computer. And given the timing, the obvious […]

3D printing allows the blind to ‘see’ famous paintings

The Museo del Prado has launched its first initiative focused on visually impaired visitors and based on innovation and 3D printing. Go to any museum throughout the world and you will surely find signs advising you “not to touch” any painting. However, a new installation inside Madrid’s Museo del Prado wants visitors to do anything but. […]

Paint the mood of the city with your tweets

Give an artist paint, they will create a portrait. Give an artist paint and electronics, they will go on to create a true Maker masterpiece. Designed by Oslo School of Architecture and Design students Syver Lauritzen and Eirik Haugen Murvol, MONOLITT is an interactive installation that literally paints the mood of the city, using social media feeds as an input. The installation takes […]

Channel your inner Vin Diesel with this electroluminescent paint

When the original The Fast and the Furious first hit theatres, the car modification scene experienced a massive growth and overhaul. Today, some of the trends sparked by film have gone by the wayside, but gear heads will still look to the newest technology to make their precious rides stand out. Darkside Scientific, an electroluminescent (EL) research and […]

Tippmann paintball guns reload with Atmel MCUs

Written by Brian Marts The game of paintball continues to be a popular activity enjoyed by players of all levels and walks of life. Tippmann Sports has been active in the paintball world since its inception and is one of the premier paintball companies in the industry today. The sport continues to evolve as players […]

NeoPixel painting with Adafruit

Light painting is is an artistic medium combining light, motion and long-exposure photography. As Adafruit’s Phillip Burgess notes, a single point of light in motion will create a continuous streak in the final photograph for as long as a camera’s shutter is open. “Digital technology takes light painting to the next level. Dozens of point […]