The Makey Makey GO turns anything into a touchpad from anywhere

Make + Key + On the Go = Makey Makey GO! Have you ever thought about turning a donut into a keypad, an apple into a drum, a JELL-O mold into a game controller? Or, how about capturing a slip ’n slide selfie or initiating a Skype call with your dog? As wild as some of those ideas may seem, […]

Makey Makey and littleBits launch new ATmega32U4 based module

You can now use everyday objects to trigger your littleBits.  A few years ago, MIT students Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum were on the lookout for a way to transform everyday things into touchpads. The duo (now JoyLabz) would eventually go on to create MaKey MaKey, which made its Kickstarter debut back in May 2012 and garnered over $500,000 in a […]

Turning chicken nuggets and sushi into music with MaKey MaKey

While dipping a chicken nugget into sauce or touching sushi may not be the most conventional way to create music, if there is one thing that MaKey MaKey has taught us, is that nearly anything can be transformed into a MIDI trigger. This includes the tops of cats’ heads, plastic mannequin parts, cacti, rubber finger monsters, and old-school Polaroid […]

Making music with the MaKey MaKey Monome

In an attempt to create a complex musical instrument with inexpensive parts and a simple process, Maker JDeboi has developed one rockin’ device: the MaKey MaKey Monome! The Makey Makey, as you likely know, is a printed circuit complete with an ATMega32u4 MCU that runs an Arduino Leonardo bootloader. The MaKey MaKey has been on the scene since […]

MaKey MaKey featured at DevArt in London

Earlier this week, JoyLabz COO David ten Have reached out to us about the DevArt Young Creators project currently taking place at the Barbican in London. For those unfamiliar with the project, the event is a series of 3-week creative workshops for schools, youth groups and code clubs, led by the DevArt interactive artists Zach Lieberman, Karsten Schmidt […]

Touch the banana, get the Wi-Fi password

Bet your office doesn’t share wireless network credentials like this…  Turns out, bananas aren’t just an excellent source of potassium, they’re also an excellent source of wireless network credentials. Just ask Danish Reddit user and network administrator “Sysvival” who recently decided to use the fruit as a unique way to distribute Wi-Fi passwords to guests at his workplace. The idea originated after Sysvival was asked to […]

Rewind: 27 STEM kits from 2015

These STEM toys from 2015 are helping to inspire the next generation of Makers. STEM education has been a growing venture in schools across the country, with even the President himself making it a priority to encourage students as young as grade-school to pursue the science, technology, engineering and math disciplines. After all, these fields are changing the world rapidly within […]

Rewind: 50 boards you’ll want to know about from 2015

Here’s a look at a bunch of boards that caught our attention over the last 12 months. Feel free to share your favorites below!  “Hardware becomes a piece of culture that anyone can build upon, like a poem or a song.” – Massimo Banzi Arduino Zero A 32-bit Arduino powered by the Atmel | SMART […]

Connecting a paper notepad to the Internet of Things

This notepad and pencil use conductive ink to control a Think With Google app. London-based branding agency MultiAdaptor has designed a paper notepad and pencil that employs conductive ink to control an app for Google’s digital marketing business. The goal of the project was to raise awareness of Think With Google in the creative community by inspiring them to engage with the service’s content in […]

Let the BitOlympic Games begin!

littleBits + Olympics = BitOlympics While we may still be a year out from the Rio Summer Games, our friends at littleBits have launched the first-ever BitOlympics. The three-week competition encourages Makers of all levels to create extraordinary inventions, learn new skills, meet other Bitsters from around the world, and of course, go for the gold with up to $5,000 in prizes. The games […]