The 101 Sensor Kit is an easy-to-follow, Arduino-compatible kit for Makers

OSEPP’s latest kit will help Makers create interactive projects using common sensors and modules. Have you always wanted to build your own smart sensing device for the Internet of Things but don’t know where to start? Thanks to OSEPP, you’re in luck! The Vancouver-based startup has developed a comprehensive kit that enables Makers of any level to create […]

Rewind: 12 young Makers to watch in 2016

It’s safe to say, the future looks bright!  Over the last couple of years, the Maker Movement has ushered in a new wave of low-cost hardware that enables anyone of any age and skill level to begin tinkering. Easy-to-use boards like the Arduino continue to lower the barriers to entry, while simplifying the prototyping process. Ultimately, this allows kids to explore basic electronics, learn coding, pursue STEM-related […]

mBot is an Arduino-compatible educational robot for young Makers

Now part of the Arduino AtHeart program, Makeblock is looking help children learn how to program through a user-friendly kit, software and interface.  Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a number of easy-to-use robotic kits become available for young Makers in hope of inspiring them to pursue STEM-related fields. Among the more notable companies looking to spur this initiative is […]

Makerarm is a versatile robotic arm for Makers

Makerarm is a complete personal fabrication system crammed into a single, beautifully-designed robotic arm for your desktop.  While a handful of robotic arms have emerged onto the scene recently, we’ve been holding out for one that was brought to our attention back in May. And the time has finally arrived! Now live on Kickstarter, the aptly named Makerarm is a complete personal fabrication […]

Nibble is a pocket-sized development platform for Makers

Wi-Fi connectivity + OLED display + SD card + IR transmitter = An Arduino variant that Makers will love. Designed for Makers and electronic enthusiasts, Nibble is a credit card-sized, Arduino-like device that can be used to create projects, devise games or simply learn the basics of programming. Nibble crams everything a DIYer could possibly need in a development platform into a form […]

3DSimo Mini is like a Makerspace crammed into a pen

The 3DSimo Mini is a next-gen pen that not only draws in 3D, but solders, burns and cuts as well.  Although they may not have taken off as quickly as its desktop counterparts, 3D printing pens have certainly attracted quite the attention in recent years. Since 3Doodler first launched back in February of 2013, several other startups […]

Bluefruit LE Micro is a BLE board for Makers

Bluetooth Low Energy + ATmega32U4 = Bluefruit LE Micro  Makers who are looking to create a Bluetooth-enabled project will be excited to learn of Adafruit’s latest product. The newly-unveiled Bluefruit LE Micro rolls the versatility of the ATmega32U4 MCU and the wireless connectivity of the SPI Bluefruit LE Friend all into one board. What’s nice is that the Bluefruit LE Micro makes is easier than ever […]

NFire 1 is a completely modular 3D printer for Makers

This modular 3D printer adapts to your needs, whether that’s doubling its height or upgrading to a dual extruder. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: modularity continues to rise in popularity amongst the Maker crowd. Cognizant of this, UK-based NFire Labs set out to develop a 3D printer that would be truly scalable and adaptable to its user depending […]

IoBot is a 3D-printable, Internet-controlled robot for Makers

This DIY robot can be controlled by mobile and computer application via LAN or USB. Today, young Makers looking to start tinkering have more options than ever before when it comes to DIY robotics kits. Among those available is Zygmunt Wojcik’s open source project, IoBot. The IoBot is an Arduino Uno (ATmega328) based, Rockem Sockem-like bot that can be controlled by both a mobile device […]

Calling all Makers, visionaries and innovators up for a (IPSO) Challenge!

How do you IPSO? There are many problems in everyday life that can be solved by collecting data thru sensors, or by controlling smart objects based upon inputs from a variety of sources. Once again, the IPSO Alliance has initiated its annual challenge, whose deadline for proposals is quickly approaching! The IPSO CHALLENGE was launched as a way to show what […]