Maker mods his NERF blaster into a fully-functional Halo 5 MA5D

A DIY weapon for Humans vs. Zombies — with an ammo counter, scope and all! Jeremy Chang is a big fan of Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ), a live-action game where players try to survive a post-apocalyptic world using soft toys like socks and foam dart guns. Well, in this case, the Maker decided to do something a little different and add […]

Maker gives his dad remote-controlled eyebrows

This project will raise some brows… When you have a pair of formidable eyebrows like Alec Smecher’s father, it can probably get a bit tiring always having to raise them by yourself. What if there was a remote-control feature that could take of that for you? Well, this is exactly what the Maker decided to do as a birthday […]

The 101 Sensor Kit is an easy-to-follow, Arduino-compatible kit for Makers

OSEPP’s latest kit will help Makers create interactive projects using common sensors and modules. Have you always wanted to build your own smart sensing device for the Internet of Things but don’t know where to start? Thanks to OSEPP, you’re in luck! The Vancouver-based startup has developed a comprehensive kit that enables Makers of any level to create […]

Maker creates his own barebones Arduino for $5

Don’t have $25 to spend on an Uno? Piece together your own board instead. When it comes to the Maker community, Arduino has become the go-to board for anyone looking to bring a project to life. Despite its popularity and ease of use, Instructables user Gursimran Singh asks, “Why spend $25?” Rather than having to dig into his wallet, the DIYer decided […]

This Maker built an Arduino attachment for his stationary bike that let him pedal through a virtual world

For $40, you can add a virtual reality experience to your boring stationary bike. As great of a calorie-burning exercise as it may be, riding a stationary bike is typically pretty boring. To add a little more excitement to the relatively dull workout, Paul Yan decided to enhance it with the help of virtual reality. The best part? Unlike commercial […]

Maker creates his own life-size BB-8

17-year-old Angelo Casimiro decided to build a fully-functional, smartphone-controlled BB-8. Until Episode VII came out, if you were a true Star Wars fan, building a working R2-D2 replica would seem like the thing to do. With the emergence of BB-8, R2 now has competition for the coolest robot in the galaxy, and for which droid you should […]

Maker builds a Pro Trinket-powered GPS watch

Hey, watch-a got there?!  Sure, you could always go buy a GPS watch like the TomTom Spark or Garmin Forerunner. Or, you could be like Shawn Cruise and build your own nifty, somewhat Steampunkish wearable device. The Arduino GPS Watch, which is made up of two leather cuffs, consists of a 128×32 OLED display, a 3V Pro Trinket (ATmega328) with […]

This Maker built his own robot drinking buddy

Bot-toms up! Let’s face it, there’s no fun in drinking alone. This is what inspired South Korean Maker Eunchan Park to develop a robot that can literally go shot for shot with him, albeit never actually consuming the alcohol. Although he may not be able to chat like some of your best buds, the slick device can accompany you if […]

Rewind: 2015 is the year the Maker Movement went mainstream

Look ma, I’m on TV! Just in case you needed any more proof that the Maker Movement has gone mainstream, here’s a quick look at five times Atmel-based projects got some TV love this year. Jimmy Fallon An Arduino Uno (ATmega328) was the unexpected guest on “The Tonight Show” in April when 14-year-old Sahar Khashayar had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show off her project, […]

Maker builds an abstract clock out of a drum set

This drum clock turns on every hour and starts playing its own music.  Most people reading this should be familiar with clocks that make a pleasant noise to audibly announce what time it is. Aoun Carlotta decided to put her own spin on things by affixing three stepper motors a drum, hitting or scraping it […]