Cambits is like the littleBits of cameras

Developed at Columbia University, this modular imaging system can transform into many different cameras. From littleBits and Microduino to BLOCKS and Nascent Objects, the concept of building your own devices has become incredibly popular over the last couple of years. Hoping to jump on the DIY bandwagon is a group of Columbia University professors with their new modular system Cambits.  […]

Building an estimated time of arrival device with littleBits

The Honest ETA device lets your housemate know when you’re likely to arrive home. You’ve all been there: You tell your spouse that you’re on your way home, when in actuality you’ve yet to leave the office. As part of a recent collaboration between littleBits and Popular Science, one new project is looking to put an end to missed dinner […]

Building a LEGO radio with littleBits and an ATtiny84

Oh Henry! Turn up the music with this littleBits project. Give Philip Verbeek a bunch of LEGO blocks, a handful of littleBits, an MCU and a challenge, and there’s no over-the-top creation that the Maker can’t bring to life. Those of you who recall his earlier project — a pinball machine comprised of over 4,000 plastic bricks, six servos, five motors, […]

This littleBits hoodie will turn you into a walking music machine

This wearable instrument will turn you into a music-making cyborg.  When it comes to music and fashion, what’s not to love? During Maker Faire Bay Area, we had a blast jamming away to some Iggy Azalea and Jeremih beats on our pair of DrumPants. With so much excitement around the project, we couldn’t help but browse the web for some […]

Creating an earthquake warning system with littleBits and PubNub

Maker replicates California’s earthquake warning and monitoring system using littleBits, Ruby and PubNub. In the wake of the tragic 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Anmol Agrawal decided to create a mini earthquake warning and monitoring system using littleBits, Ruby and PubNub. As the the Maker notes, this DIY solution — which also happens to be among the latest entries in this year’s Hackaday […]

Makey Makey and littleBits launch new ATmega32U4 based module

You can now use everyday objects to trigger your littleBits.  A few years ago, MIT students Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum were on the lookout for a way to transform everyday things into touchpads. The duo (now JoyLabz) would eventually go on to create MaKey MaKey, which made its Kickstarter debut back in May 2012 and garnered over $500,000 in a […]

Keep tabs on your coinage with this littleBits connected bank

Just a ‘littleBit’ of saving can go a long way! As part of a future lab course at Parsons The New School for Design, a group of Makers have created an Internet-connected container — which they have ‘coined’ Smart Bank — that uses an Arduino and cloudBit module to remotely keep tabs on the total amount of money deposited. […]

This littleBits device alerts roommates to stop hogging the bathroom

“Time’s Up” was designed to solve an age-old problem that has plagued roommates, siblings and spouses for years.  Have you ever been in a rush to get up and out in the morning only to find one of your roommates hogging the bathroom for too long? Thanks to Makers Mu-Ti Huang, Douglas Tran and Yun Zhou, you may soon […]

This littleBits box makes environment-specific music in real-time

This interactive sculpture generates ambient tunes in response to shadows. Designed by Caselden Studios, Sounding Box #11 is an interactive acoustic sculpture that generates ambient sound, and allows viewers to make environment-specific music in real-time through motion and changes in light. As viewers approach the sculpture and wave their hands to cast shadows, the instrument responds by vibrating strings to create harmonic tunes. […]

This littleBits toilet seat alarm fixes a big household problem

littleBits will help you become a more thoughtful and courteous spouse.  It has plagued relationships for ages. Roommates have split because of it. Marriages have been compromised. Now, there may finally be a simple solution to the perpetual problem of leaving the toilet seat up thanks to Tim Cox. The Maker admits that though he wants to be a better husband, he’s got […]