BIZZBY Sky trials on-demand drone delivery via real-time app

When it comes to the concept of delivery by drone, what’s not to love? While we’ve already seen major couriers like DHL and Amazon Prime prepare to take flight, a number of other companies ranging from Domino’s Pizza to Google also have their minds set on the sky. Now, on-demand lifestyle services app BIZZBY has begun trials of a collect-and-deliver autonomous drone […]

Rook is the world’s first in-home drone that you can fly from anywhere

Check up on things inside your house while you’re away. We’ve all been there: You leave your house, only to question 10 minutes later as to whether or not you turned off the stove or put on the alarm. What if, instead of calling a neighbor or going all the way back home, you could just pick up your smartphone […]

CoDrone lets you program your own drone

Robolink has developed a drone that anyone can learn to program and fly.  Not only do most drones these days seem to be centered around aerial photography, many require you to shell out a couple hundred bucks. However, Robolink is looking to do something a bit different: the San Diego-based team wants to help you learn how to code. CoDrone is an inexpensive, pint-sized […]

ONAGOfly is an auto-following, palm-sized drone

This drone proves big things can come in small packages.  In today’s market, consumers have pretty much two choices: cheaper nano drones or larger, pricier quadcopters. ONAGOfly wants to be the best of both worlds. Not only does it let users capture high-res selfies and live-stream footage to their mobile devices, the palm-sized unit only costs $200. This consumer-friendly drone boasts a safe design, suitable for both […]

Fleye wants to be the world’s safest drone

Fleye is a spherical robot that you can hold, touch, push and bump without any risks of injuring yourself and others. While many quadcopters these days all share a common resemblance, one Belgian startup is looking to change things up a bit. Fleye, which is being billed as the world’s safest drone, is a spherical flying machine with enclosed propellers and a camera. Since its blades […]

Pizza delivery is only a button press away

Engineers and college students, rejoice! Takeout just got even easier. Ordering late-night pizza is about to get a whole lot easier, thanks to Domino’s. Inspired by the Amazon Dash Button, the company has introduced what they’re calling The Easy Order system, which literally lets you summon delivery at the touch of a button. This isn’t the first time Domino’s has […]

FLYBi is an autonomous drone that gives you a firsthand flying experience

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience flying like a bird? Well, now you can with FLYBi’s innovative head-tracker goggles. Operating a drone can be a daunting task for many folks, especially for novices looking to get started. Luckily, one Silicon Valley startup is hoping to ease the troubles by automating several aspects of the piloting process. The so-called FLYBi can easily […]

OpenROV Trident is a next-gen underwater drone

The future of underwater exploration has arrived.  Since its debut three years ago, OpenROV has made their dream of a low-cost, easily-accessible underwater drone for the masses a reality. With their AVR powered robot, the team has provided Makers, students and professional researchers alike with the ability to explore the deep seas and relay video information back for analysis. However, it’s not just […]

Mayday is like an airbag system for your drones

Mayday is a standalone machine learning device that can detect when your quadcopter is crashing and deploy a parachute. Truth be told, the failure rate associated with drones is extremely high, no matter your skill level. Like the airbag in your car that will deploy when it senses a collision, the North UAV team has taken a similar concept and applied […]

Amazon proposes designated airspace for drones

This is how Amazon thinks drones should fit into U.S. airspace. Amazon envisions a future delivery system that can get packages to your doorstep in 30 minutes or less using small unmanned aerial vehicles. Before Prime Air can come to fruition, though, it must first overcome a fair share of regulatory hurdles. To get the ball rolling, the retailer […]