HackADay talks Arduino Zero with Atmel’s Bob Martin

On May 15, Arduino and Atmel debuted the long-awaited Zero. The 32-bit development board packs Atmel’s versatile SAMD21 microcontroller (MCU), which is built around ARM’s Cortex M0+ core. Key hardware specs include 256kb of flash, 32kb SRAM in a TQFP package and compatibility with 3.3V shields that conform to the Arduino R3 layout.

 The Arduino […]

Video: Atmel’s Bob Martin talks CES and Makers

Atmel MCU Applications Manager Bob Martin recently went on camera in Las Vegas to discuss the evolution of CES over the years, with a specific emphasis on the Maker Movement and DIY community. As we’ve previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, Atmel’s 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers have been the MCUs of choice for Arduino since the […]

Rewind: Atmel @ World Maker Faire 2015

Maker Faire New York, Maker Faire New York — a show (and tell) so good we had to say it twice. Ah, Maker Faire. The only place that can you find everything from a 30-foot-tall, flame-throwing robot and a life-sized game of Mousetrap to a pancake printing machine and a floating head choir that sings when you press their keys. Over […]

A first look at Maker Faire New York 2015

Heading to the New York Hall of Science this weekend? You’ll find some big names inside the Atmel booth. Are you excited? We sure are! Atmel is getting ready to take center stage at the 6th Annual World Maker Faire in New York City this weekend, September 26th and 27th. And boy, are we in for a treat! This year will […]

Going hands-on with the now-on-sale Arduino Zero

It’s official! Makers in the U.S. can now buy the 32-bit Arduino board online.  In addition to a number of other announcements during his Maker Faire Bay Area “State of Arduino” address, Massimo Banzi had finally revealed the dates for the highly-anticipated Zero board to a standing-room only crowd. In fact, MAKE: Magazine would even go on to call it “one of the biggest […]

A sneak peek into Maker Week

And so, the road to Maker Faire begins! Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from Atmel all week.  Maker Faire season is officially underway and we’re just days out from the 10th annual flagship event here in the Bay Area. In 2014, we saw more than 1,100 Makers and 130,000 attendees pack the San Mateo Event Center for two days […]

Arduino Day is quickly approaching!

Celebrate with us and our friends at SparkFun later this week.  As Makers, there’s one special occasion that we just can’t help but love: Arduino Day! It is a 24-hour celebration — both official and independent — where hobbyists, tinkerers and even some experienced engineers from all over the world come together to share their DIY […]

Arduino Day 2015 set for March 28, 2015

Mark your calendars! One of the biggest Maker ‘holidays’ is just around the corner.  As Makers, there’s one special occasion that we just can’t help but love: Arduino Day! It is a 24-hour celebration – both official and independent – where hobbyists, tinkerers and even some experienced engineers from all over the world come together to share their DIY experiences. This […]

Charlie and Billy are cute, smartphone-controlled bots

An Israeli engineer designs a pair of bio-inspired, 3D-printed hexapod robots.  If you’ve ever stopped by one of our Maker Faire booths, then you surely know our love for hexapod robots. Just ask “Wizard of Make” Bob Martin. Inspired by UC-Berkeley’s recent STAR project, Israel-based Maker Jonathan Spitz recently created a 3D-printed, blue beetle-like bot named Billy. The proof-of-concept is not only comprised of 3D-printed […]

Rewind: Must-know news, releases and more from 2014

Say what you will about it, but nobody can call 2014 a boring year. Arduino boards, MCU families and dev kits were revealed. Partnerships, standards and consortiums were formed. The Internet of Things, wearables and 3D printing moved beyond the hype. Makers and startups took to crowdfunding sites to successfully launch their projects. Hackers exposed device vulnerabilities, while countless security flaws and data […]