Creating screen printed, flexible MIDI controllers with Bare Conductive

EJtech has developed an experimental textile that could serve as an interface for sonic interactions. Esteban de la Torre and Judit Kárpáti, who together make up Budapest art and tech lab EJtech, have made a name for themselves in exploring the intersection between sound and textiles. You may recall one of their earlier works, Chromosonic, a chameleon-like material that could sense its surroundings and change color based […]

Artist creates interactive paintings with Bare Conductive

This Denver-based innovator is bringing art to life with an audible, tactile and visual experience. Step into any gallery and you can expect to find “Do Not Touch” signs plastered everywhere. What this means is that, in most cases, the piece of art stimulates only one of the five human senses. However, a Denver-based originator has set out to change that by providing viewers with […]

Creating a capacitive iPad cover with Bare Conductive

INKO is part capacitive cover, part keyboard and a whole lot of awesome.  If you’re the owner of an iPad and have long been searching for a cover that offered a bit more functionality, you’re in luck. Designed by Alexandre Echasseriau, INKO is both a capacitive cover and a keyboard. The device is comprised of conductive paint injected into a leather sleeve that is […]

Bare Conductive introduces its Touch Board Starter Kit

Bare Conductive’s Touch Board Starter Kit hits the MoMA Design Store. You may have noticed that our good friends at Bare Conductive were absent from their usual spot within the Atmel Maker Faire booth, and with good reason. That’s because they were busy in New York City for the launch of their brand-spanking new Touch Board Starter Kit at the […]

Bare Conductive’s Touch Board is bringing stories to life

Isn’t reading much more fun when it’s interactive?  Who remembers the 2008 flick Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler? The movie centered around a hotel handyman, whose life changes when the lavish nighttime tales he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true. And while literally bringing fantasy to life may be impossible, Bare Conductive is helping to enable the next best thing […]

Bare Conductive makes window shopping more interesting

Our friends at Bare Conductive are at it again, this time transforming once-ordinary storefronts into touchscreens. UK-based creative agency Knit and jean specialist Hiut Denim Co. are using conductive ink to usher window shopping on the streets of London into today’s digital-savvy world. Known for its creative community, Hiut Denim Co. felt that it was “appropriate to ‘tech hack’ a […]

Bare Conductive launches Touch Board Inventors Kit

Our friends at Bare Conductive have recently announced the launch of their Touch Board Inventors Kit, an all-in-one DIY box that contains everything a Maker could possibly need to start getting creative with the ATmega32U4 based board. Open the box and you will find not only a Touch Board, but some Electric Paint, other key components as well […]

Are conductive temporary tattoos the future of wearables?

Time to get skintimate with Tech Tats. Although there’s already an abundance of activity monitoring wearables on the market today, mobile development studio Chaotic Moon is exploring a new frontier in the industry. The Austin-based firm has decided to go beyond just a fitness tracker with a collection of biosensors that affix to your skin like a temporary tattoo. In one of its uses […]

Drawing a MIDI controller with conductive ink

Maker Daniel Sanz has put together this funky MIDI controller that employs conductive ink and a few capacitive sensors to produce sounds. The DIY nature of this design makes the possibilities for musical creation endless! Sanz is a member Music Technology Group (MTG) at University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona and devised this project for his Interactive […]

Rewind: 27 STEM kits from 2015

These STEM toys from 2015 are helping to inspire the next generation of Makers. STEM education has been a growing venture in schools across the country, with even the President himself making it a priority to encourage students as young as grade-school to pursue the science, technology, engineering and math disciplines. After all, these fields are changing the world rapidly within […]