Stewart wants to be the middleman between you and your autonomous car

This tactile interface is designed for fully autonomous cars and hopes to help mediate the trust issues between man and machine. Self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic idea, with an estimated 10 million expected to hit the roads by 2020. In fact, companies like Mercedes, BMW, Tesla and Nissan are among countless others that have already begun to implement […]

Design, build and race your own 3D-printed cars with Cannybots

The next generation of toys is here! Cannybots can be assembled like LEGO and programmed from your mobile device. Since their inception back in the 1950s, Matchbox cars have become an iconic accessory that can be found atop any child’s holiday wish list and in just about every playroom. However, in this day and age, kids are overexposed to the latest and greatest smart devices, which […]

$60 hack can trick LIDAR systems used by most self-driving cars

A security researcher has created a $60 system with Arduino and a laser pointer that can spoof the LIDAR sensors used by most autonomous vehicles.  Many self-driving cars use LIDAR sensors to detect obstacles and build 3D images to help them navigate. However, one security researcher has developed a $60 device with “off-the-shelf parts” that can trick the systems into seeing objects which don’t actually exit, thereby forcing the autonomous vehicles to […]

Creating the world’s first Android autonomous vehicle

One team of students turned an RC car into a self-driving vehicle capable of following street lanes, parking and overcoming obstacles. A future full of driverless cars is just around the corner, with reports predicting over 10 million to hit the roads over the next five years. And while many of today’s vehicles already boast high-tech capabilities like self-parking and automatic braking, their price tag […]

Autonomous vehicles and IoT are the most-hyped technologies of 2015

Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle reveals intelligent robots and smart home products are now closer to mainstream.  Another year, another Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. New to the report in 2015 is the emergence of technologies that support what the firm defines as “digital humanism” — the notion that people are the central focus in the manifestation of digital businesses and digital workplaces. “The Hype Cycle […]

This 1971 video shows one of the earliest self-driving cars

“Look, no hands!” While it may be hard to believe, this driverless car is from 1971.  Though autonomous vehicles may be all the rage as of late, the idea isn’t all that new. Just take a look at this video from 1971 — which is among a series of newly-released archive footage by the Associated Press […]

Driverless cars to hit Australian roads as soon as November

The ARRB Group has announced its first on-road trial of driverless cars. The possibility of driverless cars in Australia is now one step closer to becoming a reality with autonomous vehicles set to hit the streets of Adelaide in November as part of the country’s first-ever road trials. Led by the the national road safety research agency ARRB Group, the pilot will […]

Local Motors plans to begin selling 3D-printed cars next year

Local Motors will be releasing two models of the ReLoad Redacted car in Q1 2016 at a price tag of $18,000 to $30,000.  If it’s up to Local Motors, not only will the vehicles of tomorrow be autonomous, they’re going to be 3D-printed as well. That’s because the Phoenix-based company, who introduced the first 3D-printed automobile (the Strati) back in September […]

Report: 1 in 5 cars will be connected by 2020

The increased consumption and creation of digital content within cars will lead to sophisticated information and entertainment systems. If you buy a car within the next five years, it’s likely that it will be Internet-enabled. That’s the prediction Gartner has shared, anyway. The market research firm has released its latest report that expects there to be approximately 250 million […]

Talking cars can lead to safer, less congested roads

25 years from now, we can expect to see roads filled with millions of self-driving vehicles, as automakers and legislators aim to cut back on congestion and accidents. This week, the Department of Transportation announced the arrival of a report regarding the future of vehicle to vehicle (V2V) technology. As previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, V2V […]