Introducing the Arduino GEMMA

This wearable board is one bad mamma GEMMA! First announced last fall during Maker Faire Rome, the Arduino GEMMA is now available. The board, which was developed in collaboration with Adafruit, is a tiny wearable MCU that packs a whole lot of awesomeness in a 1.1” (28mm) diameter. Similar to the latest version of the Adafruit GEMMA, the mini yet powerful platform is based on the ATtiny85. The MCU […]

Build yourself a GEMMA-powered buzzing mindfulness bracelet

Inspired by the Apple Watch’s Stand Reminder, Adafruit’s latest wearable project lets you know when it’s time to step away from your desk.  If you’re like nearly 90% of employees in America, you sit all day for your job. Add to that the time you spend on the couch after work watching TV, reading, playing video games and surfing the web, […]

Adafruit unveils the GEMMA v2

The newest version of the Adafruit GEMMA features an on/off switch and Micro-USB. We’re not quite sure as to how we missed this bit of news on #WearableWednesday, however if DIY wearable projects are your thing, then perhaps you’d like know about the brand-spanking new Adafruit GEMMA v2. The latest version — which is essentially identical to its predecessor […]

Create a color-changing sweatshirt with a potentiometer and GEMMA

Stay warm while looking cool!  While we’ve covered a number of Becky Stern’s slick wearable creations in recent months, the timeliness of this one couldn’t be better for our friends in the Northeast as they battle these bitter cold months. Thanks to her latest tutorial, Makers can now easily create their own color-changing NeoPixel hoodie using a soft potentiometer, conductive thread, some […]

Arduino and Adafruit unveil the Arduino Gemma

During his Maker Faire Rome presentation, Arduino Co-Founder Massimo Banzi offered attendees a preview of the company’s new collaboration with Adafruit — the Arduino Gemma, a tiny wearable MCU board packed in a 1-inch (27mm) diameter package. Similar to the original Adafruit Gemma, the mini yet powerful wearable platform board is powered by the versatile ATtiny85. The board will be default-supported in the Arduino […]

IR control with the Trinket and Gemma

Adafruit’s Trinket and Gemma are both powered by Atmel’s ATtiny85 microcontroller (MCU). Although the duo only recently hit the streets, the ‘boards have been used to power a wide range of Maker projects across the DIY spectrum. Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at how to use the devices to determine the […]

Adafruit’s Gemma has Atmel under the hood

Adafruit has debuted Gemma, a tiny wearable platform board packed in a 1″ diameter package. The device – powered by Atmel’s versatile Attiny85 – is easily programmable with an Arduino IDE over USB. “We wanted to design a microcontroller board that was small enough to fit into any project, and low cost enough to use […]

Starduino is an 8-bit Super Mario tree topper

Bring this classic power-up to life as part of your Christmas decor.  Super Stars (also referred to as Starmen) can be found in a plethora of Mario Bros. games, including the original and the Mario Kart series. One place you’d typically not find them, however, is on top of a Christmas tree. That was until now. In the game, […]

Rewind: 50 boards you’ll want to know about from 2015

Here’s a look at a bunch of boards that caught our attention over the last 12 months. Feel free to share your favorites below!  “Hardware becomes a piece of culture that anyone can build upon, like a poem or a song.” – Massimo Banzi Arduino Zero A 32-bit Arduino powered by the Atmel | SMART […]

These Halloween projects are full of tricks and treats

Happy Hallow-uino! Let’s face it, Halloween is arguably one of, if not, the best night to be a Maker — a celebration full of carving, candy, costumes, and of course, some creative decorations. To pay homage to All Hallows’ Eve, we’ve decided to compile a list of a few tricks, which are surely a treat to see! Talkin’ Skeleton Tired of having to greet […]