Play GIFs and videos from your phone on this Bluetooth LED display

Magic Pixel is an innovative, small form-factor digital sign that can display animations, scrolling texts and video from your PC or Mac.

If you’re looking for a new way to display art or information, Magic Pixel may be the thing you’re looking for. Magic Pixel is a Bluetooth LED display that can stream animations, scrolling text and video from your smartphone and computer.


Whether you’re in need of signage or want eye-popping wall art, Magic Pixel will definitely attract attention. This thin panel supports 16.7 million colors, showing any imagery of your choice at high luminosity. Magic Pixel was created by a UK-based team of electronics aficionados, led by founder Jozef Gubo. Magic Pixel is their solution to displaying effective and dynamic visualizations.

Magic Pixel has various supported functions. Videos and animations in .GIF format can be streamed over USB 2.0 using a PC or Mac, or by inserting a microSD card into the panel. The accompanying mobile app allows for editable scrolling text display via Bluetooth, making it a useful addition to any store front for displaying advertisements or information. Users can adjust the text position, scrolling type, speed and direction, text size, color and font from a mobile device. Magic Pixel can also be used for fun as statement art, or be used practically to illuminate a space. Its creators used the Magic Pixel as a backlight for an aquarium by loading an animation of the deep sea onto the microSD card and placing the panel behind the tank.


At the core of Magic Pixel is an ARM Cortex-M4 MCU clocked at 120MHz, which enables the device to run a 64 x 48 pixel display at a refresh rate of 120Hz. Magic Pixel’s control card contains a module supporting Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, USB 2.0 for computer connection, a microSD card slot, buttons for some of the functions as well as a 16-pin connector for the LED panels.

Magic Pixel is available in two sizes. The smaller model has a resolution of 64 x 32 pixels, and it measures 25.2” by 12.6”. The bigger model has a resolution of 64 x 48 pixels, and it measures 25.2” by 18.9″. Both versions feature a thin profile, and are only 1.2″ thick. Intrigued? Head over to Magic Pixel’s Kickstarter page, where Jozef and the team are currently seeking $21,450. Delivery is expected as early as May 2016.

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